pilots, savings and the fear of strikes

Ok, so we bought a fixer-upper.  Did we bite off more than we can chew? Maybe.  I have no regrets buying the house, whatsoever, but the cost of having things done professionally isn't cheap.  This is the part that is overwhelming.  Did I tell you that Bath Fitters gave us a $8k quote to fix our master bathroom shower?  Do you know all that could be done on the house for $8k?!

The space in the new house is perfect and the location is perfect...we have a creek in our backyard for goodness sake!  How cool is that?  The dogs even love the new house.  Maybe it is all the toads and snakes they get to chase.  Cali and Lexi patrol the back porch since something is living underneath, and one day they will get it!
Not the best picture since it was taken through a window, but you get the idea of Cali being on patrol:

We have a handful of must-do-right-now projects, like repairing our sinking porch and taking down dead trees and dealing with some well issues.  We also have a handful of must-do-in-the-near-future projects, like redoing the shower in our master bathroom and replacing our front sidewalk.

Of course in my "I want it done right now" mentality, I would get everything done right now.  But, Steve, is taking the approach of "we will get it done eventually."  Pilots and their damn fear of strikes!  I know he doesn't want to part with money know since he is in contract negotiations. 

I know Steve would LOVE to have all this stuff done right now, as well.  But he can't get the thought out of his mind that they are in contract negotiations.  What is it worth to have a new master bathroom shower if there is no paycheck coming in? Me? I want the new shower.  But, I see his point.

I know I am not the only pilot wife that has heard "once the contract is signed, we can xxxx."  I truly believe that pilots have a different sense of money when it comes to savings.  Nancy Orman may say to save for 8 months of expenses, right?  I bet pilots have more like 18 months of expenses.  Or should I say, they want to save for 18 months but in the reality of furloughs and reduced compensation, that can't always be a reality.

So, once the contact is signed, we get a new bathroom shower and new countertops and new window treatments and new rugs, ect ect.  Now, how long will this contact take?  That is a whole new blog post...


  1. Yeah, we're in the "once he's back at CAL flying, we'll try to have a baby" state of mind right now. Everything has always been that way for us though, "once on second year pay, then X" and so on. Fun way to live right?

  2. I thank God for the CA that Steve flew with right before we bought our new house. Steve was all "yeah, we need more room but with the merger talk and the contract negotiations..." and the guys simply said "don't live your life around your company." Wise words!!!

    I seriously think that is it weren't for that CA, we wouldn't have bought yet.

    Well, that means T-1 year until baby making, huh?! :)

  3. Hi-I found you through cleared for take off. My hubby is a pilot as well. I totally understand about the whole fixer upper & money worry. I am always wanting to remodel this or that at our house.

  4. and it is all after the contract is signed...right?! :)


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