stop overriding me

We are redoing the kids bath. 

Before picture:

This picture was taken the first time I ever saw the house.  Right now, we have new tile on the floors, and a new toilet seat.  Oh, and the vanity doors are off since I am trying to strip the paint.  That is a tough thing to do!  Our plans are to replace the countertop, replace the mirror, replace the light fixture, replace the faucets, and paint the walls. 

Let's see how long this takes to get done!

In preparing for this little remodel we went to Lowes the other night to buy all the things we needed.  I got CC out of her car seat and Steve got Ben out of his.  As Ben was getting out he asked Daddy "can I take my tape measure in with me?"  You see, Ben LOVES LOVES LOVES his tape measure.  Daddy said "no Benny.  You can leave it in the car.  If you take it in, they may think you need to buy it."  When all the sudden I chimed in with "oh, he can take it."  I didn't quite see the harm in taking it in.

Strike 1.

If you are a parent, you know you need a united front in raising children.  I should have not overridden Steve.

On Saturday I got up with the kids.  At one point I discovered that one of our dogs, I am assuming Cali, marked more in the family room. 

Did I mentioned this whole dog peeing thing yet? Well, Steve is HYPER sensitive to dog pee.  I mean, he can smell it a mile away, it is that bad.  Cali has been marking in front of the fireplace in the family room.  I think it is just a matter of adjusting.  Plus, we just installed the invisible fence so that should help.  When Cali is done with her marking issues we will pull up the new carpet, KILZ the sub floor, put new pad down, and then steam clean the carpet. 

Back to Saturday morning, I went under the sink to find our vinegar solution to spray on the pee and Steve came down from the bedroom.  As Steve was pulling out the sprayer full of the vinegar solution, Ben pulled out the squirt bottle full of the vinegar solution.  Steve told Ben "please put that away.  You can help me with the sprayer, but please leave the bottle." I jumped in and said "it is okay, let Ben use the squirt bottle."  Again, I didn't see the harm in it.

Strike 2.  Again, we need a united front. 

Steve and I talked about this, and how I need to work on this. It is just that I am with the kids most of the time, so I can't help but chime in, even though I should just stay out.  I am working on it.

Case in point: Saturday night we finished watching Ratatouille, my favorite, and Steve was trying to get Ben upstairs for bed.  Ben was resisting, as usual.  At one point Ben looked at me, trying to get me to answer another way and all I said was "listen to your father."

Make up 1.

Work in progress...united front we will be!