the dirty truth about pilots and red-eyes

Wanna know the dirty truth about pilots who fly a red-eye?

Well, I got nothing for you.  And, I am being serious.  Steve does not talk about them.  Believe me, I try to get all the dirty details about what goes on behind that locked door, but he never tells me anything.  Is he keeping things from me?  Probably.  But, I am sure he just doesn't want to make a big deal about it...he doesn't want me to worry.  Plus, he has flown enough at night that he knows how to work through things. No biggie to least that is the sense I get from him.

Do I get worried when Steve flies a red-eye?  Yes, actually I do a bit.  When I am all snug in bed about to dream some sweet dreams, I think about the fact that Steve is in his polyester glory, holding his super sized cup of Starbucks ready to tackle the cold, dark sky. 

Steve flew SNA to EWR last night.  But, his first leg of the evening was IAH to SNA (deadhead), so around 10p, between legs, he called me to ask how my night was.  I told him.  It was uneventful. And I returned the question.  He responded with, "I will tell you in the morning." I asked him if he was ready and okay to fly.  You see, usually a red-eye is the only leg they flew that day, and since he had that IAH to SNA leg first I was thinking he may have not been prepared.  He said "I am fine." 

This morning I woke up and looked at my messages from Steve. This was expected as he got in at 5am something this morning, and a text may have woken me up.  I then flipped the tv onto the news and noticed there was no breaking news about a plane crash.  Good!  Now I have some peace of mind! 

Now, the bitch of this whole red-eye thing? Having to deal with Steve today.  I love him dearly, but boy are red-eyes tough on the body.  Steve gets in around 5:30p something, and when he gets home he will be tired.  The whole day after a red-eye is horrible, for both him and me.  He is cranky and tired, and I have to be around cranky and tired.  He has every right to be tired, though.  The moon is supposed to be up a night, not humans.  So, early to bed tonight it is, and tomorrow everything will be back to normal.

So, there you have dirty scoop on pilots and red-eyes.


  1. It's not the flight itself, it's the drive to/from the airport that freaks me out the most when it comes to those late night flights. I worry knowing DH is on the road (or worse yet in a hotel shuttle with someone else driving) at those wee hours of the morning. No drunk drivers in the sky.


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