do you know how to use a fire extinguisher?

I hate to admit that after, oh, six weeks in our new house we just installed new smoke detectors.  But, we did it, and we are now fully protected.

Rewind about 3-4 weeks ago and I made the comment at work that we needed new smoke detectors.  My co-worker mentioned that her city was giving away detectors since they were doing some program for homeowners through a grant.

So, I called our city to see if they offered something similar.  They didn't.  But, Ginger offered to come out and see our house and offer suggestions.  I scheduled her to come out when Steve was home.  Steve's first response was, "Joanna, I know where to put them." He bit his lip, and made sure he was around when Ginger came over.  All in all, there were good points Ginger made, which we are thankful for.

I will share, even though I don't product endorse much on my blog, which system we went with.  Note that our house is about 2600 sqft, and has two floors and a basement.  So, a fire could easily start in the basement and we may not hear it upstairs.  This system we got is First Alert, OneLink.  All the detectors talk to each other.  So, if the basement detector goes off, so will the upstairs hallway.  It really is a nice system!

You may be asking "what does this have to do with a pilot?"

Well, this afternoon we were chatting about pending house projects, and Steve said "well, I still have to get a fire extinguisher. Ginger said that usually she doesn't recommend them for homeowners since people don't really know how to use them.  But, since I get trained on them once a year..." 

News to me!  I guess I have thought about fires in airplanes.  Heck, when Steve was flying corporate on a Saab, his CA had to use one...something about the heating element in the windshield.  But, I never thought that a pilot was actually trained on it. 

So, I am proud to say that Steve, as well as all pilots I am assuming, is fully trained on how to properly use a fire extinguisher.  Guess you never thought about that, huh?  I never did either.  Well, know we both know!


  1. pilots and flight attendants! :) at my dh's company they go to the local fire station.

  2. You know what is funny, I always thought that a FA would know how to. I guess in my mind I think pilot=flying and FA=safety. I don't really think about pilots knowing all the safety stuff. But, I am sure that a pilot knows just as much safety stuff as a FA.


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