first class

I thought about posting about those whole TSA body scanner thing, but I won't.  There are too many other people making too much noise about it. So, I will leave it at rest.

This posted dawned on me yesterday.  First class.  Have you ever been up front?  Domestically, it is nice.  Internationally, it is really nice. Is it worth the extra money? Probably not.  Is it worth the the update? Definitely!

A 737 was at the airshow in September, and I got a picture with the kids.  I joke that they won't see first class for another 11 years.  I think the kids have to be 12, according to non-rev rules.

Steve in business first on the way to Paris, in January 2006.

I don't fly much as a revenue passenger - maybe twice a year.  So, when I fly up front it is because of the pass benefits.  I have flown up front a good dozen times, give or take.   As seen above, we flew business first to Paris, and boy was that the most comfortable flight I have ever taken.  It was a 777, and everything about that flight was just perfect. 

One thing that first class gives you is a different sound of the engine.  Sitting in coach behind the engine (if they are under the wing) is quite loud.  But sitting in front, you hear a rotating hum of sorts.  On that Paris leg, I remember looking out my window at the engine, hearing that hum, and thinking about the program I saw on the design and capabilities of the 777 engines.  GE I think. Those engines are pretty powerful, and I knew we were in good hands.

After a decent dinner, and the ice cream cart of course, I fell asleep while watching the new Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.  Steve woke me up about 45 minutes before we landed, to a tasty breakfast of croissant, fruit and orange juice.  I swear there wasn't even one bump that entire flight...perfection!

I also recall a flight to LAS that I rode up front.  I was actually a revenue passenger, but had the balls to ask the gate agent if there was any room up front.  I think the line went something like "Hi, my husband is a pilot with you guys, but today I am flying as a revenue passenger.  Any chance there is room up front?"  I knew it was gutsy...and it paid off!  She sort of blew me off at first, and I was totally okay with that.  I was expecting her to say no.  Wouldn't you know it, as I was standing in line when my grouping was called to board, she approached me with a first class boarding pass.  SWEET!  Now, I have NO CLUE how she got my name.  Magic perhaps?  I didn't care, I was going to be up front.  I settled in, drank some wine, fell asleep watching The Devil Wears Prada, and woke up refreshed. 

Now, let's talk about the times I have given up my first class opportunities.  When Steve and I travel together I always give him the first class ticket if there is just one seat.  My attitude is that he flies so much more than me, so he deserves to be more comfortable than me.  The one thing I ask is that he doesn't brag about the omelet he ate, while I ate cold cereal. 

I gave up first class to Zurich Switzerland...twice!  On the way over Steve sat up front, while my sister and I sat in back.  On the way back, we got two seats up front...and Steve and my sister sat up there.  Flying international first class is really just wonderful, and I figured that I may never fly again with my sister overseas, so I wanted to give her the experience.  I think she enjoyed it. 

There you have it...some of my first class stories.