In case you haven't heard, Continental pilots are doing some information picketing today in EWR.

Steve is on his way to EWR as I type this. 

What do I think about this?  Well, I am not a member of a union, so I don't understand it fully.  But, Steve is loyal and I respect that.  I support him in whatever he feels like he needs to do to support this cause.

Having said all that...what a bummer it is that he is home away *again* today when he doesn't have to be.  At least he will be home in time for dinner.  And good thing there isn't much business travel today, so the flights are wide open for non-reving.


  1. Greg kind of wanted to go, but right now it would sort of be a conflict of interest for him since he's still wrapping up at his regional before going back to CAL. Basically, from what I understand, the picketing is against outsourcing (too much) to the regionals. The biggest problem is that CAL has basically broken their contract and is allowing Skywest to fly 70 seat RJs for them, which I guess the contract specifically forbids, or at least forbids the amount they are outsourcing now. Really, they just want to keep as much flying as they can in house for the CAL pilots. So you see how this is important for CAL pilots, but would be awkward for Greg to protest right now when technically he's flying for a CAL regional for another month before he goes back...

  2. I totally see where Greg is coming from! Having said that, I think that mainline guys accept regional flying...it is just the 70 seat guys they don't want coming into CAL. So, I don't think it is an issue with Greg as a pilot, but rather the flying taken away. I think we are saying the same thing :)


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