Yes, we really are still married

Years ago the Smith family moved down the street.  They were a young couple, and the little that I knew about them, I liked.  After about a year, or so, I would see Bob around all the time...but never Kelly.  I told Steve that I think they must be divorced since I never saw her around.  Low and behold the next time I saw Kelly she was, oh, about 8 months pregnant.  We are good friends now, and we always recall that story with a laugh. They are a happily married is just that she worked a lot, so we never saw her around.

In this case, absence of spouse = thoughts of divorce.

Case 2:
On Sunday I went to my aunt and uncle's house, with the kids, to do a bit of shopping and to eat some yummy turkey.  Steve was working.  For dinner we were joined by a friend of theirs.  He is a really nice guy that I have known for years.  Since my college years perhaps? He commented on how cute CC was, especially since he hadn't met her until now.  It got us talking that it was about a year since we had last seen each other.  At that event, a birthday party for my aunt, Steve was also absent.

As we were leaving to go home, he told me to say hi to Steve, and I jokingly responded with "yes I will...and I swear we are still married."

I tell you what, if anyone ever wants to make up a pretend boyfriend, make them a pilot.  Not only can you get away with his absences with the constant excuse of "oh he is working."  You can even make it an exotic local at that. "No, he can't make it today, he is on Costa Rica" Which really is where he was this last pairing.  You can make your pretend relationship very exciting.


  1. This is awesome and so true. There was a couple I met at the pool and we hung out for three months and they never met y husband during that time. Finally one day I had them over for diner and that was the first time they met him. They actually said: "Wow you are real" it was funny because they were teasing.


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