dinner of champions

I have been tired these last couple of days.  Not sure why, but I have been.  Steve has been gone and I pretty much did the minimum of everything.  No extra laundry was gone.  Scratch that - after Ben peed all over the couch on Monday night I had to deal with that situation.  I didn't go out of my way to be Suzie Homemaker.  Last night I even gave a second of thought as to whether or not the kids could go to day 3 without a bath.  The kids got a bath.  Each night after the kids were asleep, I went to bed myself. 

Yesterday was day 3 of Steve's trip.  Wanna know what we had for dinner?
That is right...mac & cheese and hot dogs!  Dinner of champions, I tell you!  I should add that I cut up a grapefruit, so we did have something healthy in the mix. 

And you know what, I am totally okay with our dinner last night.  Ben and CC ate their plates nearly clean, and I didn't have much prep or cleaning up to do.

Sometimes it is just tiring to do this all on your own.  And when I am feeling it, I give myself a break.  Us pilot wives have all been there, and totally know what I am talking about.  Before kids, dinner could be just a bowl of cereal.  I don't really feel right doing that with kids, so I make the next best convenience food. 

Steve is home now.  The options for dinner tonight are: 1. Steve makes something. Not gonna happen 2. take out.  Looks like take out tonight!  It also looks like I am going to take it easy tonight and take advantage of my husband being home!


  1. Rest and enjoy you husband. I do a lot of soups I can freeze it and when I am dragging bam nice easy diner in minutes but mac & cheese with hot dogs or chicken nuggets is always on stand by.


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