donuts in the snow

I had to run to the store yesterday after work to get our holiday cards.  As I was pulling into the snow covered parking lot, I had a horrible flashback from college.

Steve and I were newly dating, and I skipped a day of classes so that we could hang out.  We decided to go to the mall around his apartment. 

At the time he was driving this car...the beginning of his snobbishness about cars.

and the only reason I have this picture is because we sold the car to a guy in NC, so we had to send him about 50 pictures over the internet before he flew up here to get the car. I usually don't go taking profile pictures of our cars.

The car was rear-wheel drive...PERFECT for donuts.

So, we entered into the vacant parking lot, and Steve immediately did whatever he had to do and the car spun around in circles.

The car finally stopped.  I immediately punched him in the arm, and yelled at him to never do that again.  My heart was racing...I was livid.  His gave me some song and dance about how it is actually good to do this so that you get a feel for how to handle your car in the snow.  All I heard was "blah blah blah."

I have mentioned it before, but I would never make a good pilot. Steve, on the other hand, likes to play around and test things out.  Not me.  I am very happy in my front wheel drive car, or Steve's all-wheel drive car...both, not able to do donuts in the snow. 

10 year later and I still remember that...


  1. Once again, I'm totally with you. My husband tries to convince me that it's good to learn the car's limits, while I just want to drive w/in the limits I already know.


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