I can't do it all

As I discussed last week, winter has arrived!  We are getting even more snow as I type this.  For a visual, this is what my car was like last week when I left work:

Steve and I discussed getting a snow plow service, and aside from the initial hesitation, Steve agreed to the idea.  Of course the inner frugality had to come out with the initial mention of spending money on something.  The service has been by twice, and I can already tell it is money well spent!  Hearing that plow this morning at 5:50am was a welcome way to rise!

I take a lot of pride in doing a lot of things by myself.  But, I also know where my limitations are.  I can't do it all.  I can do what I can, and I know when to ask for help when needed.

If Steve resisted this, I would have pushed back hard on this.  And good for him to realize what my capacity is.  I appreciate that. 

Steve's job gives us different challenges than other couples.  If Steve had a normal 9-5 job, you bet he would have been out there at 6am this morning getting the drive all cleared...and he would be preparing to spend the evening getting the drive cleared again with the additional snow that fell during the day.  But, he doesn't have a normal 9-5 job.  So, we have to do what we have to do, so that I don't lose my mind when he is gone.

If any pilots, that live in a snowy climate, are looking for a Christmas gift for their wife, give the gift of a snow plow service.  She will love and adore you each and every time the plow makes its appearance...believe me!

Next to work on...getting a housekeeper. Although I know that is wishful thinking...until they sign a contract :)


  1. My parents were smart. By the time we lived in a snowy climate my sister, brother and I were old enough to shovel! But I hear you. Now that I'm a parent I appreciate more and more what my mom must have dealt with when my dad was flying or on cruise. You are doing awesome, Joanna!

  2. Wow, that is quite a job. Definitely looks like it's worth every penny to have that plowed.

    The hubs has offered to get a cleaning service before, but the control freak in me won't allow it. I'm particular about the way things need to be done, and don't think they'd be as thorough. The extra amount I pay to leave her in daycare would more than cover Merry Maids coming out.

    How do you do it with 2 little ones? Clean while they're still in daycare? When Steve is home to watch them?

  3. Thank Meghan! You bet when Ben and CC are old enough they will get out there with their shovels and do all the hardwork! Builds character! LOL

    Runblondie...I have to laugh at you question :) I really don't clean all that much. I will vacuum here and there, and clean the toilet when mold starts growing inside the bowl...I guess I clean when I see the obvious stuff. I actually just did the dining room the other day since there was about an inch of dust on the table. Steve, on the other hand, is much more anal about cleaning...he actually does it more than I do.


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