rant about celebrities and nannies

I love Real Housewives of Beverly Hills...I mean, I really love it.  It is like a fantasy world to me.  These people have such extreme wealth, that it is fun to see how they live.

The one housewife that gets me the most is Camille.  As I was watching an episode on Friday I immediately said "oh, my next blog topic!"  She talks and talks about how hard it is to do what she does (keeping multiple houses, raising kids, working, ect) while her husband is gone a lot.  Maybe it is editing, maybe it is really how she is...who knows.  Her husband, Kelsey Grammer, was doing a Broadway play in NYC during filming, so he was on one coast and she and the kids are on another.

Ok, this is where my rant begins.  Maybe she has multiple houses, and works long hours, but she has help.  I keep house, work outside the home, and raise two kids on my own when Steve is gone.  Hear that...on - my - own!  Not only does she have a nanny for her kids, or is it two nannies?  She has probably not lifted a toilet bowl brush or a bottle of Windex in decades. I bet she hasn't put her kids clothes in their closets since the day they were born.   Plus, she has a freakin' house manager.  I get that she is a busy woman, I am not a celebrity so what do I know about the life she leads, but she has help. 

Me?  I don't have all that help.  I am not complaining about having no help.  I am really not.  Ok, maybe I will complain a bit that we don't have a housekeeper, but I am sure Steve will give me the "go ahead" once our finances settle a bit more.  Yes, we are still not totally settled financially with all the house projects and whatnot...and the recent leak in the kitchen ceilings just adds to the pile. And let's not forget the whole pilots and savings and fear of strikes. Must save, save, save.  In the meantime, Steve and I will continue to divide and conquer our chores.  He has no shame in cleaning a toilet.  And I appreciate that.

Where was I?  Oh, not having help.  The thing about Camille is that she acts like a martyr or something.  There was an episode where she was complaining to her mom, while getting a manicure mind you, about how she has this and that to do, and Kelsey is gone, and how it is so hard, blah blah blah.  As if I should take pity on her?

I am sorry, but I take no pity on her.  Sorry.  When both her kids aren't sleeping through the night because they are sick, I bet she calls her nanny to step in.  Me?  I handle it on my own.  And do I go broadcasting it to everyone?  No. 

Ok, so I talk about it here, but I am not looking for points in anyone's book.  This blog is about my life...the truth of my life...and what it is like to be married to a pilot...the good and the bad.  I don't need anyone to take pity on me and what I do.  The only thing I need is for Steve to thank me from time to time, and for my kids to love me and know I am trying my best to give them a beautiful life.

I have to add that I have a great support system of family and friends that (I hope) listen to me when I bitch and moan about this or that.  We all have down times, and that is where good friends come in to help you ride it out.

It is hard for me to feel sorry for a woman who complains all the time, it seems, about doing this "all on her own." Pa-lease!  I do it all with a traveling husband "on my own."  Military wives do it.  Real people do it all the time. 

Having said all that, I will continue to watch...