reclining your seat

I left work sick yesterday and spent the afternoon channel surfing.  CNN had a thing about the latest air rage issue with reclining your seat in flight.

What is my take on this situation?  Well, the seats do recline, so as a passenger you are entitled to recline that seat.  But, don't be a dick about it.  Don't just forget that you may have someone behind you and just whip your seat back.  If you don't want to observe and address your surroundings, simple recline your seat slowly.  The passenger behind you should take note of what is happening and move his coffee cup or laptop so that there is no spill of coffee or laptop damange done.

Or, if you want to take the uber polite approach, look back and tell the person you are going to recline.  Say it with a big smile, and let them make room for you.

What do I do?  I just slowly recline without saying anything. Actually, I usually look back and make sure I am not going to knock something over, and then slowly recline my seat.

Well, let me back track a bit...I usually don't recline my seat all that often.  And let me add that I am about 6'1" so one would think I need it.

For the visual, this is me at my sister's wedding.  I was the matron of honor, and the best man was about 5'6"...give or take. I did have about 2" heals on, so I was about 6'3" that day.  I was also about 22 weeks pregnant with CC here...ahhhhh!

And because I can't resist, here is a picture showing my little bump...I will forever cherish this picture!

ok...back on topic at hand...yes, I am that tall, and no I don't need all that much leg room?  Why?  Because I am not overweight.  Since I am not overweight, I actually take up less room in that seat that someone that is overweight.  My knees don't touch the seat in front me of, even in an RJ, because I sink back into the seat.  I don't have extra cushion behind me, or under me for that matter, to take up that cherished room.

Usually the flights I am on aren't all that long, so I just sit with both feet on the ground and not make a big deal with reclining.  If I am on a longer flight, I figure that everyone is reclining, so I am just part of the chain.

So, those are my $.02 on this topic. 


  1. I had no idea you were so tall!! My friend is 6'5" and he said he literally doesn't let people in front of him put down their tray table (he holds the chair and says they can't!), because he won't have enough room if they do. I kind of think that's unfair of him, but he insists he has no where to "go" if they do put their tray table down and it's not happening. I agree with you- I don't really care either way, because it's a non-issue for me, but I guess if I were bigger and cramped it would be uncomfortable.

  2. I rarely recline, either. I'm 5'10 (with no extra posterior padding), and a reclined seat in front of me makes me uncomfortable. I don't know if it's physical or psychological, but I really don't like it. If they were pre-reclined, I probably wouldn't mind so much.

    Here's an option that's better than pulling someone's ear!

    PS - awesome, my word verification text is "Butbuz." I got "biatch" a couple weeks ago. These things crack me up.

  3. Brittney - gosh, at 6'5" I think he would have no room in those seats! Heavens, that would be an uncomfortable ride!

    Courtney - love the "no extra posterior padding"! That link is great! I can't believe someone actually made that. But, I bet it is a hot seller.


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