"Safety agency urges parents to strap babies in on airplanes" USA Today

Someone just forwarded this article to me. Safety agency urges parents to strap babies in on airplanes from USA Today.

I couldn't agree with this article any more...when flying with kids buckle them in!  Steve totally agrees with it, as do I.  I am sure that most airline crew members agree as well. 

Yes, we fly for free, so we don't have to pay for that extra seat or two.  But, if we did have to pay, we would.  Imagine all the medical bills you would have to pay if your child cracked their head open from turbulence.  And don't tell me you would sue the airline for injury and have them pay...be responsible.  Flight can be unpredictable, and turbulence can happen withouth warning.  An extra $300 ticket doesn't seem so bad now, does it?

There have been babies that have died in crash landings (Sioux City DC-10 & US Airways Flight 1016) that may have lived if they were properly restrained. 

CC's first flight...buckled in:

Ben's first flight...buckled in:

Do it!


  1. I agree wholeheartedly. I paid for seats for my children several times when I could have otherwise held them in my lap. I kept them in infant car seats as long as possible, then in convertible car seats until they were 3. For ages 3 and 4, they've used the CARES harnesses (http://www.kidsflysafe.com/).

    Our rule on the plane is the same as the airlines' guidelines for adults: when you're in your seat, stay buckled. This protects our kids in the event of unexpected turbulence. It also keeps them from bothering other passengers (and me) as much as they would if they were roaming. If you let them get up and move around without guidance, they will resist getting buckled back in later in the flight.

    Thank you for pointing out this article!

  2. We always strap our daughter in too. My husband had hit his head on the ceiling of the plane during turbulence, so we know it's no joke.

    But yes, not having to pay for our plane tickets makes it a no-brainer. I can totally understand how the average family on a budget would choose not to purchase extra ticket if given the option.

  3. glad to hear you ladies agree!

    in regards to moving around in the cabin with the fasten belts light on: we were coming in from Charleston to EWR and was about 15 minutes from landing and Ben pooped his diaper. Steve was with CC about 2 rows behind us and I just looked back and mouthed "Ben pooped." He sort of gave me a nod to head back to the lav. But, I sort of asked his "permission"...how funny! I guess the guys are around it so much that they really take it very seriously.

  4. Yes, I have never understood how they can get away with that.

    I loved the pic of your baby asleep on the plane. It reminded me of my babies little heads when they were small!

    BUT they are small no more! They are both taller than their mommy now at 11 & 16!


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