snow = sucks

Really mature title, huh? I was just in the car for 2 hours, so bare with me.

Our new house is about 10 miles north of our old house.  This puts us at the very edge of the snow belt, and our old house was not.  This means that when the weather is just right, Lake Erie acts like a snow machine and just dumps snow.

Well, we just had our first huge lake effect snow storm.  Where has Steve been the entire storm?  LA and Hawaii. 

On Tuesday I mentioned to Steve that I was going to research getting a snow plow service, and his immediate response was "Joanna, no."  My immediate response was "Steve, you are sitting in sunny LA...I have a foot of snow to clear from the driveway tonight."

This is what we came home to.  Keep in mind that we had about 12 inches the day before on the driveway that they neighbor boys cleared for us.

I am capable of lots of things, like mowing the lawn and snow blowing.  But, what I do not want to do is bundle up two kids, to snow blow the driveway.  Let me clarify, Ben LOVES it out there.  Bundle him up and he is fine!  CC, on the other hand, is a mess.  Once CC is old enough to enjoy it like Ben does, I am happy to snow issues whatsoever.

Yesterday when we got home, I bundled the kids up...
how cute is CC?! And I know I am not the only mom out there that has dressed their daughter in boys clothes...we all had to deal with hand-me-downs, didn't we? At lease she has pink gloves and a pink hat.

I bundled the kids up and we headed out.  Within 1 minute of being outside, CC did a face plant into the snow.  She didn't know that snow gives underneath you.  So, her first step from the garage into the snow was traumatic for her.  I dusted her off, and she just played in the garage.  Of course she was pissed that she had mittens on, and took those off pretty quickly.  I knew my time was limited, so I ran up and down the damn driveway with that snow blower working pretty hard.  

I did most of what I had to do and then CC started crying.  I think her hands started to get cold.

So, inside we went.

Steve gets home today, and you bet there will be a fresh 6+ inches of snow on the driveway that he can work on later this evening.  Love you, honey...welcome home!


  1. Oh man, hang in there Joanna! My parents are in Akron/Fairlawn. They only rarely get hit by the snow machine - only when the wind direction (and strength) is just right. They easily have a foot of snow is Akron. It looks like this coming weekend's storm is only going to bring more. I'm sorry. :-( At least your husband will be home to help! -spotty4 from Jetgirls

  2. and guess who did the driveway last night...welcome home from nice sunny Hawaii weather :)


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