the infamous fish story

If you know me well, you know the fish story.

I was a senior in college when Steve was based in EWR for work.  While based there, he had a crash pad at the Robert Treat...a legendary place apparently with tales of naked people running down the halls, party central, ect. I know some things, of course which I won't repeat now, that make even me blush!  And I am pretty open about lots of things!

I was busy with school, getting ready for Peace Corps, and just being a college senior during that time.  So those months just flew by.  Before I knew it, Steve was now back home and no more commuting! 

This was all before September 11, so on his last flight home I met him at the gate.  He deplaned, we kissed each other hello and Steve immediately said "smell my suitcase."

"No!!"  I exclaimed, thinking there were stinky ass socks in there or something. 

Boy, was I in for something special!  Apparently his bag was in a cargo bin that shared the space with a crate of fish.  Can you tell where this is going?

Sometime during the flight, the crate broke and fish spilled all over.  This totally drenched Steve's roll-aboard in a stink that was just so gross you can't even imagine.

We got into the car, put his bag in the truck, and started to go back to my place.  No joke, the smell was so strong that we had to drive down the highway with the windows down, in February!  It was freezing, but it was necessary since the stench was that strong.

Steve used an entire bottle of Febreeze on that thing, left it on the front porch all night, and over a couple days the smell started to dissipate.

Wouldn't you know it, Steve still uses said roll-aboard to this day.  What a tale that bag can tell!

photo credits: Corbis Images