leaving is never easy

Steve is headed to the airport for a couple hours of informational picketing (contract is now 2 years in negotiations...I think it is 2 years).

Ben was in the family room when Steve walked into the kitchen in his uniform.  Ben instantly ran into the kitchen and said "Daddy, are you going to work?"  How do you explain informational picketing to a 3-year-old?  So, Steve just said "I am going to the airport for a couple hours to support the company and then I will come home."  Ben was not happy. 

He held onto Steve and just wouldn't let go.  This picture speaks volumes...Ben's head is down and he was just so sad that Steve was leaving.

We told Ben that we will drive past the airport to see the picketing, and that calmed him down a bit.

 Leaving at this age is not easy.  It is a good thing that Steve is gone for just a couple hours today.