Do you know who you are talking to?

This afternoon I ran to the bank after work.  It was freezing cold outside.  Ice was everywhere (read: ice storm the night before) and the wind was just gusting like crazy.  The teller, a nice guy, said something to the effect of "hello, how are you enjoying this beautiful summer day."  It was cute, and my response was something to the effect of cold.  Then I mentioned that my husband is actually flying home this evening, and I hope he got in.  I didn't actually tell him he was the one flying the plane.  I had about seven checks to deposit, so there was time to make small talk.

The nice teller started consoling me and telling me that he will come in just fine.  "You know, these jets now a days are really amazing.  With all the engineering and testing they go through, they never encounter worse conditions on a day-to-day basis.  Plus, if it is a trans-con flight he will be just fine."  Of course I know that Steve will be okay.  It is just that I worry about the wind.  I can't imagine what it is like to land in high winds, but it can't be fun.

By the time he said what he said, the deposit was made and I made my way to my snow covered car.  I had a smile on my face...if he only knew...

Another "if he only knew..." moment was on our cruise to Alaska.  We were entering into this glacial area from the open seas.  I wish I could remember exactly what this area was, but I really don't. 

As we were entering into this area there was a plane flying around.  

Of course Steve knew what it was, and, of course, I forget what it was.  How does he know every.single.plane that has ever flown?! It was actually pretty cool to see the plane flying around.  He even tipped his wing to the cruise ships in the area.

Everyone was out on the decks in anticipation of the glaciers.  We were standing next to a guy who was telling his buddy about how that plane can only fly in the summer, because it is too cold in the winter...and you know, if it is too cold then the gas will freeze up.  Or something like this.

I was half listening and didn't think anything of it really.  Of course, Steve didn't say anything to the misinformed man, but boy did he talk him up once we got back in the cabin.  Plain and simple, what is the temperature at 35,000ft, summer or winter?  Cold!  From what I remember, and I hope memory serves me right, there is an additive in jet fuel that prevents issues with temperatures. If this man only knew about that.

There was also the time coming back from London-Gatwick.  We spent about 10 days in Poland with my dad, and our two-leg trip back to the states connected in Gatwick.  We spent the night around the airport somewhere, and here is a picture of Steve and my dad on our way to dinner.  Fish and chips of course!

I do have to mention that this was the most horrible flight ever. We got the last three seats on a 757 from Gatwick into the states.  I tell you what, that plane was crowded, cramped, and EIGHT hours long.  The actually showed three full movies and served two full meals.  It was wonderful that it was direct, but boy was it long.

My dad was in the back somewhere, next to the window. Steve and I were sitting next to each other in the middle somewhere, he on the aisle and I was in the middle.  To my left was a guy our age, and an okay guy to sit next to for EIGHT hours.  Wait, did I already mention that?

Not only did this guy listen to his iPod while we were taking off, why don't people just follow the rules?, but he was also convinced that airplane wings are fixed to the fuselage with...ready for this?  Glue!  He told me that there needs to be flex in the wings, and if it was bolted to the fuselage it wouldn't have enough give and the wings would just snap.

Steve heard the entire thing, and didn't bother to speak up.  When it was appropriate Steve told me otherwise.  No, wings are not glued into the airplane.  I told Steve that he should have spoken up so that this ignorance wouldn't continue.  "Why bother" was his response.

I wonder when the next "do you know who you are talking to" comment will happen...


  1. I love it I am actually going to tell my husband about the glue thing. It is amazing the crap people say about aviation. It's like it's magic. GLUE! LMAO

  2. Cute blog! Not sure how I came across it but it's great! Your life is almost identical to mine. I too am married to an airline pilot. I also have a blog and it's funny because we write about very similar things. It's a whole different world. Well take care! Amanda

  3. And the thing about the glue comment is that Steve didn't even speak up. I mean, it was totally absurd to him, yet he didn't say a word.

    Hi Amanda! I think all pilot wives with kids have identical lives :) welcome!


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