fun at a hotel

Will hotels ever be fun for pilots again?  I had this thought today on my way home from work.

I had to stop at the grocery store today after work, which meant that I took a different route to get on the highway to head home.  On this route, I passed a hotel (I forget which one) and it had a sign advertising some Valentine's Day weekend getaway.  Of course, we won't be partaking in this getaway weekend, and I know better than to ask Steve.  Why?  Why would we?  Why would Steve want to be in a hotel room when his real bed is only 20 minutes away. 

The sign also got me thinking "will a hotel ever be fun for Steve again?"  And the answer is: probably not.  At least not until after he stop flying. 

I should clarify so that I don't shed Steve in a bad light.  Believe me, Steve can have fun in hotels...believe me.

Here is Steve in our hotel room in Lucerne Switzerland...that was actually a fun time. And get your mind out of the gutter, we were traveling with my sister and her bed was actually what I was standing on to take this picture.  This hotel had a cool bar and we stayed up talking with some Texans until way too late.  Boy, did I pay for that in the morning!

I can't speak for his time at work, but I can speak for the fun times we have been together.  Weddings, weekend getaways to visit family, just plain old weekend getaways, traveling, anniversary weekends...

our 5 year anniversary..awww...

Ah, so that is the missing link...I make hotels fun for Steve. Ah!  So, I will just tag along with Steve on every trip and then he will only have happy memories at hotels.


  1. My husband hates hotels. I can barely get him to go anywhere on vacation because he just wants to be home when he has time off!

  2. Mine hates hotels too. He hates going away period. He loves being home and is gone so much that for him home is a sanctuary and he always says :"Why would I want to leave when all I want is to be home." Can't really blame him but is sucks a little for me because I would like to travel a little more.

  3. i wonder if there are any pilots out there that really do like hotel rooms.

    and don't get me started on Steve's habits when arriving in a hotel room...maybe my next blog post. all of his belongings have a very specific space, and Lord help me if I am with him and invade *his* space and interrupt his OCD tendencies :)


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