thank goodness for college football

Thank goodness for college football, because without it I would be the one watching Sunday football games with Ben, which means that I would be the one teaching Ben about the sport, and that would be dangerous!.  I don't mind watching football, but I really don't know much about all.

I am was pretty athletic, so I know a thing or two about sports.  However, football is one sport that I don't know all the rules.  Yes, I get the general concept, but I don't know all the details.  Steve on the other hand played football for years.  He was a tight end...and a tight end he still does have!  Sorry, I couldn't help it, but that thought always runs through my head when I say 'tight end'.  He was #88.  From what I understand, he was actually pretty good and so he will do great teaching Ben.

This whole thought process started on SuperBowl Sunday.  For all you Steelers haters, you have to admit that CC is still darn cute in her jersey!

Ben, CC and I left a Superbowl party at halftime, so when we got home, and after I put CC down, we watched a bit of the game.  Ben was actually sitting on the chair watching it, like he was really getting it.  I am pretty good at explaining the game to a three-year-old.  Ok Ben, see that big thing that is shaped like a U, well, the kicker guy needs to kick the football through that to get 3 points.  But, I really can't do much more than that.

When I talked to Steve on Monday...he had a trans-con that got in super late Sunday night - did you know that some trans-con flights can be 6 hours...I tell you what, if I am in a plane for 6 hours I want to be in Europe! ... I expressed my worry in teaching our son football.  He reminded me that college football is on Saturday so he would be able to teach Ben about the game.  Good!  Good!  I would learn the game if I needed to in order to teach Ben, but this is something a father should teach his son. And thank goodness that Steve is usually home on Saturday so that he can teach Ben.  And if Ben grows up to play football, and is a tight end, and girls joke about his 'tight end' ...I will not think it is so funny!


  1. Awww, you're little ones are so cute. Love CC's little pigtails too.

  2. How can u live in CLE and be a steelers fan?!! ;)
    CC does look cute though! :)

  3. Steve grew up in Steelers country, so he was raised a Steelers fan. And actually, there is a large number of Steelers fans in CLE, believe it or not.


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