thank goodness the passengers didn't see his ass

Sunday: we ate lunch around 11:45a or so.  The kids went down for a nap shortly after that.  Steve and, *cough* *cough*...prepared for his absence, and then he got into his uniform and headed downstairs.  I followed him down to say goodbye, and I noticed a white something or another on his ass. At first I thought it was lint or dog hair. Lexi is shedding now and is leaving a ton of hair around.  Upon closer inspection I noticed that he had a huge hole in his pants.  His ass seam split about 4 inches, and his white uniform shirt was sticking through.

Since he was running just a couple minutes late, hey he was gone for the most romantic day of the year, so we had to do what we had to do, he started to get a bit frantic.  There was a pair of work pants in the laundry room, clean and hanging up.  Steve took his holey pants off, noticed that they were his favorite pair, cursed, and then put on the clean and unholey pants.  Off he went to fly the friendly skies.

Steve is probably down to 2 pair of pants now, and I am sure they are both in a delicate bad move and they too may split somewhere.  He refuses to buy new pants until a new uniform is decided upon, and I have to respect that.  However, he probably should have purchased new pants a year ago.  What are new pants, like $50?  Why are pilots so darn cheap?! I am sure he is not the only pilot out there that waits until material fail before they get a new uniform.  Warning: you may be seeing him sporting his pleated black pants (ewwwww) pretty soon if any other seams blow.

Let's just hope that a new uniform is decided upon very soon so that Steve can start wearing new clothes to work.


  1. He is not the only one, mine brings home shirts and pants and asks me to mend them, like missing button here odd hole that he got on an oil rig there, I just crack up and fix them until it can't be fixed. Thank God his company has an account and they pay for all uniforms and he orders them regularly not sure what he does in that cockpit to rip his cloths.

  2. haha! You just reminded me...Steve, himself, mended a button on his white shirt with black thread. Klassy! I guess that is why we are around :)


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