absence makes the heart grow fonder

I have made it known before that I like watching Real Housewives of _____ County.  Well, a new season of Orange County has started and of course I have been watching.

This post was inspired by something Tamra said on last night's episode.

For those who don't know, Tamra is recently divorced and is now dating some hot body.  Apparently they have been having lots of fun, if you know what I mean, and she is really enjoying herself.  Good for her!

The thing that struck me last night, is that she mentioned that she just melts when she sees her new beau take his shirt off.  She was having a conversation with Vicki about all the juicy details. 

My inital reaction was "well, I still melt when Steve takes his shirt off."  Of course, not all the time, but it still does happen.  Honest to goodness, I still look at him the same way I did when we first started dating.  Ahhhh.  Did you just throw up a little?  

Where am I going with this?  How does this relate to being the wife of a pilot?  Well, I really do think that having a husband gone all the time really does make the relationship fresh and exciting.  Yes, it can totally suck to have him gone and that can bring its own set of problems.  Yes, there are times when I want to punch his face in.  But, really absence really does make the heart grow fonder.  At least it does for me. 

I am sure that for some couples, the whole absence thing can break them.  But, not for us.  It is just a reality of our life and we make the best of it. 

When Steve is gone, I usually miss him.  When Steve is gone, I sometimes daydream about him.  When Steve is gone, I always wish he were home.  When Steve is gone, anticipation brews with his arrival.  These are all things that work in his favor - in our favor. These things would not happen if he were home every night. 

I guess this is one perk of his job. 

photo credits: Bravotv.com


  1. Nice post - I totally agree! And did you see Tamra's steamy bathtub scene?

  2. yeah, you are in the same position too! Of course, you get it :)

    I did see the scene. Two words: soft porn.
    She actually regrets it:

  3. And she has kids! I just can't believe she EVER thought that was a good idea


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