damn military time

All of Steve's schedules are listed in military time.  I understand military time, especially after living in Slovakia for a year.  I get it...really I do.  Almost without missing a beat I understand it.

What frustrates me is converting military time to standard time, and then the games my mind plays on me.

I just looked at my calendar and said "yeah, Steve is coming home tonight.  19:22."  Of course I knew Steve was coming home today, but I was just confiming the time.

My headed processed it to standard time.  7:22p.

Now, this next thought process is what pisses me off.  "Oh wait, was that 17:22 (5:22p) or was that 7:22p"  I then had to look at my calendar again to confirm "19:22"

It actually happens a lot.  I lose that 2 hours, and then I have to check myself.

photo credits: aviationexplorer.com