sitting together on a flight

I like reading Another Flight Attendant Writing, and one of her latest blogs prompted the question "why is it so important to sit next to your travel partner on a plane?"

Steve and I flew to LAS a couple weeks back. I was on business, so I was revenue and was assigned 34C both legs.  He, on the other hand, was non-reving and got row 21 both times.

I was having cell phone battery issues, so I couldn't rely on a text message from Steve telling me he was on the flight.  Rather, I got the visual and exclaimed "good, Steve got on."  On both legs, the woman I was sitting next to had something to say about that.

On the leg out, she said something like "oh, you don't sit next to your husband?"  Then I explained that he was flying standby (not everyone understands non-reving, so standby is the easy term to use).  On the leg back, the lady actually offered to change seats with Steve.  Steve would do ANYTHING not to sit next to me on a flight, and I knew better than to take the woman up on the offer.

Maybe it is because I mostly non-rev and a seat, any seat, is a good seat.  Yes, I have become conditioned to board at the last minute, and grab a seat usually away from Steve.  But, why is it so important to sit next to your travel partner? 

We are headed to Vegas again this August for a trip with friends.  To make our lives easier, nothing in life is ever really free and boy does that include free airfare with non-reving, we will probably buy tickets.  When we book the tickets we will probably sit together.  But, if things get rearranged and I end up away from Steve, I won't throw a shit fit.  As long as the plane lands safely, that is all I care about. 


  1. LOL-I do & don't enjoy sitting with my hubby. We also non-rev and he just talks and talks. I am a bit apprehensive about flying and want him to just zip it! But either way as long as we get there, I am usually happy.

  2. He and I would make a great pair next to one another...I also talk and talk and talk


  3. When I fly with my husband I usually end up in another aisle as well. It doesn't bother me too much since he tends to fall asleep soon after take off and I like to read. :)

  4. Steve always falls asleep on flights too, obviously when he isn't working :)


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