smart ass

Sometimes, Steve can be such a smart ass.

I was sitting at work the other day and a tornado warning sounded over the radio. 

I looked at the radar online and saw this:

Steve would be flying in this!  I was texting him that the weather was crazy...lots of rain, hail and the tornado warning.  I also emailed this picture to him.

His response: you know I have radar in the crew room, right?

Joanna: yes I do. kiss my ass. I was trying to help

Steve: should I take your radar pic with me in the airplane so we can fly around the weather?

Joanna: suck it!

Steve: I thing the super bas stuff will be through when I get there...we don't leave for another 1:15

Steve: :)

Joanna: I am laughing...but, you still suck

By the time Steve got home the weather did pass, so he didn't have to fly through that.  I really was just trying to help, and he really was just being a smart ass.


  1. That is so funny I totally do that to my husband too.

  2. I had almost the same scenario with my husband yesterday. I had alerted him to the horrible weather here and his statement was, "I know, we flew through it.". So much for being helpful.


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