Well, I am back from Vegas.  I was there for a couple days for work, and Steve came out and joined me.  We had fun.

I am tired, and need to head to bed.  But, I needed to write about this.  The jet stream is pretty crazy right now, which means that there can be some turbulence.  Well, about 2 hours into our flight the plane got into some turbulence.  I had already taken two anti-anxiety pills, and they weren't helping.

I was in 34C and Steve was in 21E.

The plane was going nuts for about 10 minutes.  The pilots were doing all they could do to find smooth air.  The woman next to me was VERY nervous, and even shouted out "OH MY GOD" a couple times.  I can actually say that it was probably some of the best turbulence I have been in.

After it ended it was rather smooth air for the rest of the flight and the world was good again.

Once I deplaned I met Steve at the top of the jet bridge. "What did you think of that turbulence?" I asked.

His response, "I was sleeping through it, so I didn't really notice it"

Seriously?!  I could have punched him.  I mean, I was close to tears a couple times, and he was sleeping.

I guess it is a good thing that a pilot isn't really phased by turbulence.  But, to sleep through it?!  Nuts!


  1. Just found your blog. My husband flies for an airline. I've read through some of your posts and have found many things that I've felt/said/thought. :) Happy to have found a blog that addresses all of the ups and downs of the lifestyle.

  2. glad you found me!

    Yes, there are plenty of ups and downs, that is for sure :)


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