what? wait, what did you say? wait, I can't hear you...

I love my husband, I really really do.  But, when our phone connection sucks, it takes all of me not to hang up on him and throw my phone across the room.

This probably all started when I was living in Europe.  When Steve and I had our scheduled one hour weekly phone call, I would pray for a good connection.  If there was a delay, the conversation sucked.  If there was an echo, the conversation sucked.  Those bad connections really weren't all that uncommon.  Talk about a major buzz kill!  I would look forward to that call all week, and if the connection was bad, I got pissed.  Pissed is never a good thing while trying to talk on the phone.

I hadn't talked to Steve much this past trip.  This afternoon in EWR he had a three hour sit.  Nice time to catch up on things over the phone.  Ben has been sick, the porch guy is coming out soon, I found a new brand of windows to research, we are getting another quote for a new roof...Well, when Steve called, all I would hear on the overhead was "MUAH MUAH, MUAH MUAH MUAH"

Remember how the teacher in Charlie Brown sounded?

This teacher sound is exactly what the overhead speaker sounded like...only the speaker is MUCH LOUDER!

As I was trying to speak to Steve, all that he could hear was the damn speaker.  So, he would say "what? wait, what did you say? wait, I can't hear you..."

Don't hang up and throw the phone across the room...don't hang up and throw the phone across the room...

Worse than the EWR terminal, is the damn airtrain, or whatever it is called.  Now, that is a speaker that is just unbearable!  By now, Steve knows better than to call me while riding that thing.

Please tell me I am not the only one weirdly affected by the damn overhead speaker!

Now for some comic relief, I saw this years ago and still laugh about it.  You HAVE to watch it...hilarious!  The video explains it all, but it has everything to do about airport announcements.


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  2. Ha! I know what you mean about throwing the phone..occasionally I will give in and do it, but I always throw it on the bed so I don't break it!

  3. ah, that is the trick...the bed, so it won't break! Good thinking!


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