When does it get easier?

When you have little ones, and a husband that travels, you have many a rough day.  The question of "when does it get easier?" is repeated nearly daily.

Well folks, I feel like I can actually answer that question.  I now think that things are easier.  Granted, Ben is 3 1/2-years-old, and CC is about 20 months, so it has taken some time.  But I finally feel like I am here!

I don't mind getting up at 7am on the weekends, since I am well-rested.  Sure, I may bitch on Facebook that Steve has slept-in 3 mornings in a row, but I let him because I love him and know he needs it more than me.  Ok, if he plays Black Ops until the wee hours of the morning, I may be a bit peeved, but he does need "his time" too.  I don't mind having dinner without Steve because Ben, CC and I have our own conversations and do our own thing.  I don't mind doing homework with Ben because I see his mind learning and discovering.  I don't mind putting the kids to bed every night because Ben and I will kiss and hug CC goodnight, then spend some time relaxing, and then read books and interact and laugh....like tonight when he hit his head to my tooth, after all his tears I asked him if he chipped my tooth, he didn't, and he broke out in such a pure laughter that I nearly cried...these are the memories that I am making with these kids and I love it. 

Ok, I still mind taking the trash out every week, and cleaning up dinner every night, but it isn't as bothersome as it used to be.  I clean up while the kids play and watch Cat in the Hat.  I get the trash and the kids ride the powerwheels.

Maybe I am more mellow?  Maybe the kids are just at that age where things only get better?  Maybe I just am so confident in my routine that I can do it without breaking a sweat?

So, to all the moms out there with traveling husbands, and young kids...it does it easier!  Yes, it takes time, but it does get better! As someone once told me, "these are the moments that make the memories of our life."  Make the most of every day and cherish this time.  We are the ones making these moments with the kids, and it is up to us to make these kids have a life we wish we had. 

I have a tendency to post unrelated pictures, but I know we all like picture regardless.  Here is a picture of Ben and CC playing their version of connect 4:
and I can't help but add CC's first piggy tail picture:

or this picture of Ben looking too grown up already:

Gosh, I am just filled with all sort of warm fuzzies this fine evening.  Pass it on!


  1. Joanna,

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for writing this post. I'm literally tearing up while writing this comment. You have given me SO much hope for my family's future. It has been incredibly hard and lonely during this first year of Ellie's life (while having a traveling spouse)and I feel that I have just now gotten to an "easier" level like you spoke of.
    BUT- Josh and I are beginning to think about baby #2 and I'm terrified to go back down to that "hard" level again!
    This post gives me so much hope that eventually (maybe when my youngest is 18 months old?) things WILL get easier again, and my life will be FULL of making memories with my kids, instead of me spending my time missing my husband and my parenting help. Thank you so much!

  2. Katie - it is hard, and it is lonely...we have all gone through it, and we have all survived it! We should be proud of that...and be proud of one another.

    In all honesty, going from 1 to 2, was cake compared from 0 to 1. When CC was born I basically just grouped the kids together, so two was just as easy as one.

    Life will get easy again...and your life will be full of making memories. Yes, I do miss Steve a lot when he is gone, but my days are just so full that before I know it he is home again.

    I am glad I can help, and that is why I posted this.


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