helicopter and eggs

What is Easter without a helicopter egg drop? 

Yes, that is right!  A neighboring city had this event on Saturday and it was pretty neat.  The event was set up in a park with baseball fields.  We all stood behind a yellow caution tape as we saw the helicopter come in, drop plastic eggs, and then fly off.

We went with my sister, brother-in-law, and their kids.  Aside from mud up to our ankles, we had fun.

At one point, as the helicopter was floating over us...close enough where I could see the pilot picking his nose if he wanted to...I looked over at Steve and said "I am actually a little anxious about this.  Are we safe?"

His response, "too late now."

Thanks honey.  Thanks for making me feel better about the situation.  I am sitting here safe and sound today, so nothing happened.  It was fun.  Next year they better have an Easter Bunny parachute from said helicopter...now that would be pretty outrageous.

And for picture fun...here I am with the kids at the Easter Bunny Breakfast that Ben's Polish school put together:

and here we are on Easter Sunday:


  1. Steve's flippant responses to your questions are absolutely PRICELESS!!!

  2. I actually did chuckle when he said that. he can be such a dick sometimes :)


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