Up in the Air

Last night, Steve and I watched the movie Up in the Air

Overall, I thought it was a good movie.  It makes you think a little bit about having someone to share life with, and the relationships we make with people.

I remember wanting to see this in the threaters, but never got around to it.  I thought I could relate so much since George Clooney's character traveled so much, and so does Steve.  But, in all actuality, aside from being gone a lot I didn't see any of Steve in Clooney's character.

I take that back, the one similarity is the way the two get ready for trip.  Their pack their suitcase in a very methotical fashion, borderline OCD.  Certain items are rolled, certain items are folded, certain items are tucked here and there, certain items are pointed this way or that...

The thing about Clooney's character is that he liked being on the road, or so it seemed.  He didn't like being home.  Well, there is that twist at the end that changes things around, but for most of the movie he likes being on the road.  That is the total opposite of Steve.  He is on the road because it is his job, and he does it because he has to.  He would rather be home.  Clooney's home is stark and baren almost.  Steve's home is warm and happy and filled with love.  Total opposites.  Hell, who wouldn't want to come home to this happy clan after every trip?!

I do think about pilots that don't have warm, happy, love filled homes to go to after each trip.  I feel badly for those guys.  As a matter of fact, Steve's last CA didn't have a wife to go home to.  Never married, as a matter of fact.

Life is so much better when shared with someone.  At one point in the movie Clooney asked his soon-to-be brother-in-law about all the happy memories in his life.  He asked if he were ever alone during those happy times.  All happy memories are shared with someone.  All of my happy memories are shared with someone. 

Check the movie out if you have a free afternoon or evening.  You will probably enjoy it.  I did.

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  1. I just wanted to write a quick note to say thank you for creating this blog. I am also the wife of an FO. He is a regional pilot and been on reserve since he was hired, nov of 07. We just had our third baby in dec. I have honestly spent the last three days reading each and every post. And with each one I am either laughing, nodding my head or crying, because I can completely relate. It's like there is someone out there who completely understands my challenges, and just gets my life. Im definitely following your blog.. And will probably ask questions along the way. It's nice to get feedback from somebody who gets it. Btw, have you or your husband ever considered leaving the industry because it is so challenging on families? We have been discussing this at our house the last several months. Just curios.

  2. Hi Camille! I am so glad that you have found my blog. Congratulations on the latest addition to your family.

    To answer your question, we have not considered leaving the industry. I think the biggest thing is that Steve and I met when he was already flying with a regional. So, this was our relationship from day 1 and I knew what I was getting into right away. Also, I have a good job so any financial downs for Steve didn't sting too badly because of me. And the last thing is that we didn't start a family until Steve was with a mainline. So, all the shitty stuff (ioe, reserve, base) was dealt with before addition the adjustment of kids.


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