bumps in the car

I think it is known, by now, that I hate bumps and rattles and noises and odd smells in the car.  In my book, a car should run with no issues.  Yes, all cars are machines that break and need maintenance, and I get that.  But, I just don't like it when things are out of the ordinary.

There is a sound in the trunk of Steve's car that is beyond annoying, and it has been there for years!  So, I guess that at this point it IS an ordinary sound.  So, what is this sound, you ask?

...water bottles!
I promise that I did not pose this picture.  I took this picture before I loaded the trunk with groceries.

When you stop suddenly, you hear: clunk, clunk, clunk.  When you turn the corner, you hear: clunk, clunk, clunk.  Annoying!

Steve will drink an entire bottle + on a flight, especially a trans-con.  I bet the bottles in the picture were the leftovers of the +1.  Why he brings them into the car?  Why not just dump the remaining water and recycle the plastic in the airport?  Who the heck knows.  Really, there is no reason I need to know how much water Steve drinks on any given flight.  But, with these remnants around, I do...and now, you do too.

I think I was the one to toss these three bottles (recycled, of course!).  Maybe I should play a game, and see how many of the bottle accumulate in the trunk...


  1. My pilot brings his water bottles home too but only because he's convinced that the airports don't actually recycle their recyclables. So he brings them home, piles them up in the basement until I start to develop a twitch and THEN he takes them to the recycling dumpsters nearby. :)

  2. Ha, we have all those half funished 1L bottles rolling around our car too. I don't get it either. Either drink it or dump it. I liked it better when they still handed out those 8 oz bottles to passengers.


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