the damn suitcase

Steve and I met in 1999.

Steve also met the other love of his life in TravelPro:

I swear, Steve will-not-let-this-damn-thing-go!  Yes, pilots are cheap, but this isn't a money issue.  He is totally attached to this thing, for some odd reason.  He was also attached to his old car, his first car, until a 200 mile tow finally brought some sense to him.  After he got a new car, which was the same make just a newer year, he kept saying "I don't know why I waited this long. I am sure he will have the same remarks with this situation too!

It is a TravelPro, and it is a good roll-aboard.  I love TravelPro, and am totally brand loyal to them.  But, it is 12-years-old, has rolled over hundreds and hundreds of miles and NO suitcase is meant to go that long.  Steve has pretty much repaired or replaced every part on this thing, but still will-not-let-it-go.

The latest suitcase injury has something to do with the area that holds the hook for his flight case.

All he has to do is reinforce it with a couple screws, blah blah blah.   He was explaining it to me and I was just giving him a blank stare.

"Joanna, you just don't get it" he told me.

My reply, "No.  I really don't".  And that is the truth, I really don't understand why he won't fork over $150 a get a damn new suitcase.  His old excuse was that the suitcase would fit into the closets on the old-gens.  Well, guess what, no more old-gens.  So, no more excuses, if you ask me!

We were having this discussion while he was packing MY roll-aboard for a trip.  There is so more room in it, plus it works repair jobs, no replacement anything. 

He then started to get on a tangent about how pilots pack for trips, and how he considers himself "middle of the road."  While some guys, one in particular, has a bag so full that Steve can't even fit his suitcase next to it in the storage closet.  And then there are guys who basically bring 3 pairs of socks, 3 pairs of underwear, probably 3 undershirts, and one extra outfit.  Steve isn't that stingy, nor does he go crazy....he is somewhere in the middle, I guess.

Oh, and then he goes in on how Ben can use his (old, broken) suitcase for himself.  "This is a good suitcase.  If Ben uses it every once in a while, it will be able to handle it."  Ugh...this suitcase saga may never end...

I will be sure to keep you updated on the suitcase repair.


  1. I have to side with Steve on this one, Joanna. I have a suitcase that I traveled with FOR YEARS! I still have it and use it although I don't travel nearly as much as I used to. Me and that suitcase have been through thick and thin together. I get where he's coming from.

  2. My husband has a suitcase and a backpack. He packs the suitcase for 7 to 10 days depending (He is always gone at least 7 days) the backpack is where his computer goes and all his stuff that he can not live without. That goes with him everywhere flight bag is clipped to that. There is a specific way he packs it and God forbid that anything is out of order. His explanation: " Being a pilot on the road is like being homeless the little comfort that is in this backpack is all I have" So maybe there is a level of comfort in the suitcase.

  3. and, maybe it is a comfort thing. hmmmm....

    Mike, you and Steve should have a double date...with your suitcase! :)

  4. I can understand him :-) I started flying in 1986 and I still have my old Samsonite Fifi :-) my bofriend is always telling me that I need a new one and that may be the pax are thinking that the pilots of my airline don't earn enough money. But this old suitcase is my history and hopefully my future :-)))

  5. My husband has named his suitcase "PEG" Lost a foot a couple yrs ago & he replaced it with a wood block painted black with a permanent marker...His bag is a mess!!!! Even gets upset if the airlines knock his "PEG" off & he has to replace it.... Drives me crazy! Buy a new one & quit saving his "PEG" Am I jealous??? Maybe ;)


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