the older the pilot gets...

...the more he doesn't want to talk to people.

No joke!


Steve just got a call from Amy at the MD that Ben is seeing next Tuesday for his eye.  We think he has a lazy/cross eye. 

Steve let the call go to voicemail. 
ETA: Steve was sleeping off a redeye, and the phone woke him up.  He really didn't have his wits about him quiet yet, so he just ignored the call.

Steve listened to the voicemail.  Steve then texted me to call Amy.

I called Amy, and took care of business.


Rewind to yesterday, I needed to call the insurance company to make sure we took care of a possible referral.  Steve had the insurance card in his wallet, so I didn't have any necessry info to make the call. 

I called Steve and asked him to make the call...he wanted me to do it.  I did pick your battles, right?  Plus, I am just a wee-bit controlling, so I am fine with getting this all taken care of.


Why couldn't he make the call? Because the older he gets, the less he likes to talk to people.  I swear this is true.  Steve will even admit that he doesn't like talking to people all that much any more.  I should clarify, he is still very much a social person when it comes to people he knows and likes.  But, in certain situations, he is socially weird.

Maybe it is because he is locked inside a little space for 85 hours a month, and only speaks with one man and some souls over the radio waves?  At this point in his life, he is around 10K flight hours, I think, so that is 10,000 hours of sitting next to one human, and talking to a couple souls.

I have to say, this is one frustrating part of the job.  But, I still love you, honey!



  1. Aww this is cute. My hubs never liked talking on the phone he makes the effort to talk to son and I but as far as others go, nope. I call his brothers, parents, grandparents and deal with all non work related calls. He loves to meet new people and have face to face inter-reactions but the phone is a crap shut. He has always been this way even before his pilot days maybe it's a prerequisite?


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