blimp joke

We all need a good laugh every once in a while, right?

I just saw the blimp, and thought of a joke I read a couple years ago


I guess you heard a blimp crash landed in Florida.  Nobody got hurt but there's some speculation as to the frantic action the cockpit voice recorder picked up from the crew.

15:19:30 Woa, what the heck.......

15:20:32 Hang on to the s.o.b.

15:20:40 I cant hold her...were going down...we got 10ft

15:21:12 Drop ballast, full power.....cmon on baby...9ft

15:23:41 Dangit were still goin down...8ft

15:23:58 7 ft

15:24: 21 6 ft...cmon baby

15:24:33 Florida center this is GY Pan Pan Pan, we are at 5ft and unable to maintain altitude

15:24:44 Whats wrong with her? 4 ft

15:24:49 uninteligable

15:25:04 Florida center, gy mayday mayday mayday, have 3 ft...were goin in

15:25:24 watch out for the curb bill, hang on...2 ft

15:25:37 1 ft BRACE BRACE BRACE

15:25 51 -Sound of impact

15:25:55 You OK Bill?

15:25:57 Ya, i think i spilled my coffee though