confessions of a pilot wife, part I

Confessions of a pilot wife:

** sometimes when Steve is gone, we just have crackers, egg salad, apples and cheese for dinner.  simple is good, and sometime simple is all I can manage.

** sometimes when Steve is gone, I will put the kids down 20 minutes early so I can have that extra 20 minutes of peace and quiet at the end of the night.

** most times when Steve is gone I go to bed when it is still light out, because my bed is a cozy place and I relax best there.

** sometimes when Steve is gone, I am glad that I have complete control over the remote so I can watch whatever I want: yes that is Golden Girls, my ultimate favorite show...the original Sex and the City

** most times when I have complete control of the remote, I would rather give up that control to have Steve home.

** sometimes I see that Steve is calling me, but I don't answer the phone.  As extroverted as I am, I am not always a phone person.

** sometimes on weekends when Steve is working we go to places like McDonald's playplace and the ice cream shop for a little treat...and a way to occupy two young kids:

** sometimes I have no idea where Steve is.  If I don't map out his trip in my mind when he tells me the details, I forget...which makes me ask him where he is every time he calls me

**  sometimes when Steve gets home, it takes a full day for him to adjust to my schedule with the kids

** sometimes when Steve is gone, I miss him so much it hurts.  Like on a perfect summer night, when the sun is behind all the tree and the world is cooling down, and there is a slight breeze in the air.  All I want to do is sit on the porch and enjoy the outside, listening to the birds, watching the world go by, beer in hand, but it isn't the same when you are alone...

** sometimes I wish we had a normal life where he is home every night.

** every night Steve is home, he puts the kids down.  He gets 3-4 nights off a week from putting the kids down, and I should too!

** sometimes I will listen for Steve on the radio, on ATC websites, and if I hear him I giggle like a school girl. 

part II coming soon...


  1. Love it! And I have to say that I cannot wait until I have a porch that I can put a hammock on! hehe

  2. i can completely relate to everything you said here, my husband isn't a pilot, but he travels a LOT for work, it is really really hard.

  3. It is so relieving to know that I'm not the only woman who feeds the children something nutritious but short of "true dinner" when my husband is gone :)


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