remember...don't be a whiny bitch

Thank goodness Steve was in Mexico last night (read: out of communication) or else he would have gotten an ear full from me.  I was fully prepared to be a whiny, make that a crazy-yelling-at-the-top-of-my-lungs-bitch if I could have called him.


We got home from work/school and when I opened the door to the house I was expecting to walk into a nice cool house.  It was about 90 degrees yesterday with lots of humidity, so it was just soupy outside.  Well, we walked in and the house was stuffy.  Well, shit.

I walked over to the thermostat and the temp read 81.  I tried futzing with it here and there and I just could not get the AC to turn on.  As a side, we just installed a brand new furnace and AC right before Easter, so I was assuming the unit was fine.

When I looked out the window at the unit outside, the fan wasn't moving.

I thought I was just a moron and couldn't work the programmable part of the thermostat.  Again, Steve was out of contact, but I was still cursing at him.  Of course it is his fault that I couldn't turn the damn thing on.

This was my dialogue, which was probably said out loud, "how could he have not shown me how to turn the damn AC on?  Where did he put the damn instruction manual for this damn thing?  He always has to keep the house so clutter free, and he always puts things away without telling me where they are. Oh, I could just kick his ass to the moon right now!"

It was not pretty.  I was hot and sweaty, the kids were hot and sweaty...and CC was, of course, was crying about something or another.  I finally gave in and called the furnace company.  It was 6pm, but I took a chance anyway.  Thank goodness someone answered!  The guy on the phone wasn't familiar with the programmable thermostat, so he had a technician in the area that he was going to send right out.

I felt helpless...I have a freakin' college degree and I can't freakin' program a stupid thermostat?!  How could I not turn the thing on!  Really?!

Chuck, my knight in shining armor, showed up not 45 minutes later.  Sure enough, the installation guys had not connected one cable, so the problem was, in fact, due to them and not me.  He fixed it and went on his merry way.  I had to add, this company has been wonderful in so many ways.  As a matter of fact, I sat next to the president of this company on my way out to LAS a couple months back.  Wonderful man, wonderful company.  Shit can happen anytime, and I am okay with it as long as you can make it right....and they did!

The night still wasn't ending...something set CC off on another crying fit.  Please tell me I am not the only mommy dealing with a child that is so incredibly moody?!  She was so upset that I couldn't even get her to take a bath.

Ben was an angel and was playing in the tub, as I was trying to strip CC down.  She just  I placed her in the tub, and you would have through the water was acid.  She was screaming and thrashing.  I am truly not exaggerating.  I basically held her with one hand as she was trying to climb out of the tub, as I was pouring water on her with my other hand.  I was thinking that the water would cool her down.  Nope. It just pissed her off even more.

I somehow managed to put her diaper and pajamas on.  She was so out of it that I just placed her in her crib, shut the door, and let her cry it out.  I knew that was the best way to handle the situation.

10 minutes later she was sound asleep.  Poor thing.  She had a good night sleep and woke up so cute and cheery this morning.


While I was dealing with the AC, CC and everything else, I was also getting a nagging feeling in my something was in it.

Yes, I officially have pink eye.  Ugh! I woke up last night to all of its glory, and went to the MD today.  Thank goodness I have decent glasses that I can be seen in public with.  I am SO not a glasses wearer...contacts all the way.  You can sort of tell it is my left eye.  Lovely.


Steve missed it all.  Thank goodness he wasn't in contact last night or else I would have been so mean to him.  Poor guy.  When he called me this morning to touch base, I told him about everything.  At least he is home now.  Remember my recent comments about sitting my ass in the chair...yup, that is what I plan on doing tonight!


  1. You deserve to sit your ass in that chair after all of that!! I would also make the hubby go get me some ice cream to make up for my troubles but that's just me... :)

  2. I second what Amber said :)

  3. Lol at the ice cream suggestion, because Steve just walked in with some. Yum!

  4. Aww Joanna, thank you for sharing, you need a beer. I say sit in your chair and get a cold one.


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