The things I do

2:00am: Steve climbed into bed.  His midnight arrival was delayed by 45 minutes.  By the time he got on the parking lot shuttle, in his car, drove home, and decompressed, he finally made it into bed.

6:00am: Ben crawled into our bed.  This is a typical morning routine.  We snuggle and we fall back asleep.

6:40am: Lexi opens the door into CC's room.  This woke her. Damn it Lexi, why do you get so antsy in the mornings?!

6:41a: CC screams at the top of her lungs...over and over..."DOG! DOG! DOG!"

6:42am: Steve cries "why can't this child sleep in.  I went to bed at 2am, for goodness sake"

Two options here: #1 I let Steve get her.  This is my day to sleep in a little bit.  I shouldn't have to get up on my day.  But, he did get in late.  #2 He is a crabby ass when he doesn't get sleep, and he would be in a mood all morning.  I could be the good wife and let him sleep in a bit.  His love language is acts of kindness, so this good deed would fill this love tank. What to do? What to do?

6:42am: I get out of bed and get CC. 

7:15am: I woke Steve up and told him I needed him to come down in 5 minutes so that I could get ready for work.  He told me I was "the best." 

The things I do...


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