his favorite captains

Steve and I are going to fabulous Las Vegas in a couple weeks...without the kids!  We even have revenue tickets for our flights...yes folks, you heard that right.  Steve is paying $400 to wear flip flops and to drink a beer in the terminal before the flight (his words, not mine).  Although, I will bet that he still does take his work ID, you know, just in case.

The other night we were talking about options of what we should do while in Vegas.  Of course, we talked about dining options.  Steve mentioned this Hole in the Wall place.  Apparently, it is a hot stop for airline crews.  I have nothing against this place, but we won't be going there.  Try new!  Plus, I am sure that Steve would rather not be reminded of work while on vacation.

Talk of this restaurant reminded Steve of Captain A.  You see, Captain A's wife was on Steve's last flight in LAS, so it was a natural reminder.  I never heard about Captain A before, but apparently he is one of Steve's favorite Captains to fly with.  Why?  He reminds him of his childhood friend.  Honest to goodness, usually I get a little detail about Steve's favorite CAs, but I never heard of him before.  Yes, Steve really does talk about work that much with me.

We started to talk about other CAs he likes to fly with.  He likes to fly with Captain B also.  Captain B reminds him of his brother-in-law. 

See a trend here?

Then, Steve mentioned that his other favorite CA is Captain C.  And who is Captain C's match?  ME!!!!  Apparently, Captain C is very extroverted and likes to talk to everyone.  Side story: during one trip with Captain C, Steve was on the treadmill in the hotel gym, wearing a t-shirt with my college alma mater, and a man struck up a conversation with Steve.  Turns out this guy was a FA for the same airline.  Once the FA was told that Steve was flying with Captain C, the FA was all "oh my gosh...great guy...such a good guy to work with...tell him I said hello."  I guess this CA is just a really nice, genuine guy. 

He also made note of Captain D.  Captain D doesn't really remind him of anyone specifically, per se, but everyone just likes Captain D.  Captain D is the guy that everyone just wants to fly with and hang with...trips are fun, overnights are fun, ect. 


I have never met any of these CAs mentioned above.  But, what is my take from all this?  In Steve's world of traveling all the time and seeing different beds every night and stepping foot in multiple cities a day, maybe these connections to home is what grounds him, pardon the pun.  Maybe this is his way to make work more bearable and more fun. 

After work every day, I have 'my world' to go back to: my kids, my neighborhood, my house, my bed.  Steve has: his suitcase.  So, maybe these connections to 'his world' helps get him through trips just a bit easier.

And you other pilots wives out there reading this: ask your husband about this, and we will see if this is something only Steve does, or something all pilots do.


  1. My pilot mentioned that the bad CAs typically don't work well with others and it just makes the trip drag. The better CAs make the trip a lot more enjoyable, making the trip (and time away from home) go by a lot faster.


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