were you sleeping?

I was making a phone call to Steve, who was somewhere on his 5-day trip that took him to California and Hawaii, around 4pm my time.  We spent the weekend with my parents, so I was just touching base.  Keep in mind that this type of trip is a bitch.  Not only does it have two red-eyes, but it also deals with multiple time zones.  During these trips I don't know where Steve is or when he is sleeping.


ring, ring, ring...

"hello?" he answers with a sleepy voice.

"were you sleeping?" I ask.  "Yes" he answered, still sleepy.

"ok, well just call me later when you are awake" I told him.  We hung up.  Crap.


I hate, hate, hate when I wake him up, especially when I call just to chat and see what he is up to.

He called back about 20 minutes.  Turns out he was, in fact, sleeping in preparation for a red-eye.  Double crap...sleep is important, especially for a red-eye.  He was to wake up right around the time I called, so it wasn't all that bad.  But, I still feel like badly when I wake him up.

Everyone loves sleep...and I just hate to be the one to disturb it.


  1. Hi, Joanna.
    I am also the wife of a CA, managing work full time and a 21 month old boy with daddy being gone 2 to 3 weeks a month. I came across your blog and was so relieved to hear you say things that I think about all the time. Thank you for your honesty. You are doing an amazing job!

  2. Hi Judy! We are all in the same boat, and have the exact same thoughts...it is all about support!


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