orange ginger body lotion

Let me set the mood:  Steve returned from his PC.  He was gone for only 3 days, but he had a 3-day before that.  Remember, he is always very preoccupied before his PC, so that didn't leave for a lot of quality time. 

I missed him.  I hope he missed me too.  I was glad to have him come home...with that weight off his shoulders, he was relaxed and back to himself.  Remember that my love language is physical touch.  You can probably see where this is headed.  The closer I got to Steve...THE MORE I COULD SMELL THE DAMN ORANGE GINGER BODY LOTION!  "You stayed at a Marriott, didn't you?" I asked in disgust.

I just hate that smell.  I get my sensitivity of smell from my father.  There are certain scents I love, like Obsession for Men, by Calvin Klein, but Steve refuses to wear that since his ex used to force him to wear it.  I settle for Polo Black now.  I love Axe products, and love that Steve wears their hair stuff.  This orange ginger shit is just gross.

Rewind back to 2006, when Steve and I went to Paris. 

With non-reving, and also the plans to visit a Peace Corps friend, we flew into EWR the night before the international leg.  Steve and I stayed at the Marriott at the airport.  I forgot to pack lotion, so I figured I would try the orange ginger lotion. BIG mistake.  The entire flight all I could smell was the damn lotion.  For the longest time, I was associating that trip with that smell.  ewwww. I learned never to use that stuff again!

I will just need to buy some good smelling lotion, and make sure Steve takes it on his trips, so that he doesn't come home smelling like orange ginger.


  1. OMG, that is by far the WORST of all the hotel lotions. Too funny.

  2. I much prefer the smell of the orange Ginger than the smell of "cockpit". Hate when he smells like the airplane. And love the Aveda products, not sure what hotel they come from, but my favorites!!

  3. Bleh....I agree with you on that Orange Ginger stuff!

  4. You know Camille, I don't smell the cockpit smell like other gals have pointed out. I guess he changed out of his clothes so quickly when he gets home I don't have time to notice.

    Just the other night I smelled some new gross smell, but this was from a Wyndham. I really do have to buy him some new lotion...

  5. And I love that I am not the only one that hates the smell of that marriott crap! LOL

  6. Oh, I love the orange ginger. Don't know why you all think it's offensive.


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