This morning Ben and I we watching TV in bed, and footage of 9-11 was on.  I told Ben that bad guys crashed planes into buildings.  Ben was intrigued that airplanes crashed into buildings, and then the huge building fell down.

"But, why did they do that?" he asked.

"Because they were bad guys and they were trying to hurt us" I replied.


10 years ago, I woke up before Steve, what's new, and headed to the family room.  We were living in the bottom apartment of a house at the time.  Katie Couric was reporting that a plane crashed into one of the twin tower buildings.

"Steve get in here...a plane crashed into one of the twin tower buildings!" I yelled.  Once the second plane hit Steve knew this was a planned attack.

The rest of the day we were glued to the TV.  Neither of us had to work that day (I was working at a bridal salon at the time).

People kept calling Steve to make sure he was safe, and he was.  We were.  Our families were.  I had just returned from Slovakia just a couple months earlier and so many Slovaks reached out to me to offer their sympathy.  I even think our family in Poland called in as well.  It was very touching.

I didn't know anyone personally that died that day.  I pray for all the people that died.  I pray for their families.  Last night we were watching programming on the events that took place that day, and it was hard to watch...

I don't really have much more to write, but I had to mention this day.  Time does heal.  But, let us never forget this day.