Air Show

We went to the air show the other day.  Steve's union hosts a tent, so we got food, beer and front row seats to all the action.  The only was SO hot and SO humid.  Totally uncomfortable.  However, the kids slept for 13 hours that night.  Gotta love that!  Since the kids went down early we ordered a movie On Demand.  Hall Pass.  So great!!!! My girlfriend recommended it, and I am glad she did.  You have to watch it.  Even Steve was laughing pretty good through it. 

I really don't have much to remark about the air show.  If you have been to one, you don't need a run-down of what I saw.  Ben was sort of unimpressed by the planes and the helicopters.  He showed the most interest in the bounce houses.  CC just kept talking about how she needed "wader."  And when the fighter jets would come by, she would be startled and then cry. 

We did get some great pictures, however!

that is a spider that Ben had painted on his face

Sorry I haven't been blogging much lately.  Sort of "same shit different pile" stuff.  Nothing is really going on in our aviation world that is worth blogging about.