I don't know how he does it

My boss walked into work the other morning and said "Joanna, I don't know how Steve does it."  You see, my boss just got back from a couple days on the west coast and was feeling the time difference. Honest to goodness, I was JUST talking about Steve's sleep not 5 minutes earlier.


Steve's last trip took him to the west coast, I think, but more so he had a couple 4:30am wake-up calls.  Steve got home from his trip around dinner time, so he was able to eat with us and help with bath time. He was actually doing great the entire night.  I could tell he was tired, but aren't we all tired when it gets dark out?

He and I called it a night.  Before I knew it, I looked over at Steve and he was OUT.  I am not exaggerating in the least when I say that he fell asleep in about 1 minute.  I had just found a channel on the tv and then I looked over to see his eyes shut.

These 4:30am wake up calls, actually, tend to work in my favor.  You see, my idea of bed tv is BravoTV or Golden Girls.  His idea of bed tv is Family Guy.  So, Family Guy will be on for 1 minute, Steve will fall asleep, and I will turn the channel.  It is a win-win.


I told my boss that this whole weird sleep thing is why Steve is cranky ass at times, and that is the truth!  I have said it over and over: as much as I have issues with Steve napping, I let him because I would rather deal with a sleeping Steve than deal with a cranky ass Steve.

Maybe I don't give him enough credit.  It really isn't easy for the average joe to switch over all these time zones and have crazy wake up calls, and still manage.  Pilots really do have something amazing in them that they can deal with all these different time zones and really snap back into base time pretty easily.  I could only imagine how the wide-body pilots do it?!


  1. I hate my pilot's ability to fall asleep just about anywhere, anytime while I stare at the ceiling and try not to smother his snoring face with my pillow! :)

  2. I am also in awe and green over k's ability to fall asleep on a whim, at any time of day. It also irksome the heck out of me sometimes. But no way could I work a different shift every day, run on mere hours of sleep sometimes, in a different bed each time. We all know minimum rest is a farce and they only get to sleep half of it, if they are lucky!

  3. John could fall asleep anywhere at any time!! And it always seems the nights he's out I'm awake; and when I'm out he's awake


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