The Marathon Running Pilot

Steve completed his second marathon on Saturday.  He ran it in 4:03, and he is satisfied with his time.

 His first marathon was in 2008

Due to an injury he ran it in 5:30.  His goal, with this run, was to beat his first time.  His goal is completed and I hope he doesn't have the urge again to run another one.  Wait, let me rephrase that, I hope he doesn't have the urge for years and years and years.

And here is where the pilot thing comes in: Steve is gone a for a marathon takes a lot of time.  See where this is headed?

Steve would plan his long runs on Saturday morning.  So, that means on Friday night he would go to sleep on the early side since he alarm would go off in the 5 o'clock hour somewhere.  Early alarm means not hanging out much with me on the night before.  Early Saturday morning runs also means a nap that afternoon.  You all know how I feel about Steve and naps.  And let's round out the day by Steve going to be early, since an early wake up, and a long run, equals exhaustion.  Let's top this all off by Steve going to work, usually, the very next day.

With a traveling husband, every second of together time needs to count.  When lots of lots of precious time is taken up with training, it effects me. 

I have been nothing but supportive when it comes to Steve's training, so don't think I am being a whiny bitch about this.  When he says he needs to run, I don't bitch.  When he has a really long run I make sure to be carb heavy in meals the day before.  I make sure, most times, that his running stuff is cleaned. 

I am very proud of my husband.  I am proud that he is choosing an active lifestyle.  I am glad that he still fits in his 34" work pants.  And I am thrilled that our children are growing up with these events in their lives.

On race day, I gather the troops with custom signs and custom shirts, by Silbling Special-Tees
The shirts read "Team OurLastName"

We make sure to cheer along the sidelines and show our support, not just to Steve but to all the runners that day.  Being a part of a marathon is an amazing experience.  It is everything from empowering to prideful to moving. 

Having said all that...I am beyond thrilled that Steve is done with this run.  I am beyond thrilled that he doesn't have the notion of running another marathon.  He talks of half marathons, and that I can handle.   And he knows that if he talks of another marathon anytime soon, I will kick his ass to the moon. Love you, honey.


  1. Congrats to Steve! I love the posters and t-shirts. What a nice gesture on top of all the support that went along with training.

    With the pilot gone at least half the week, training for marathons was a great way to kill time before I had our daughter. I don't know the meaning of spare time anymore.

    The 1/2 marathon is the perfect distance. It's far enough to feel accomplished after you're done, but it doesn't get in the way of your daily life. Your longest run is like 90 minutes max. It'll keep Steve in his 34" in pants though :)

  2. I agree with Runblondie about the 1/2 marathon distance being perfect. I keep trying to talk my pilot into a 1/2 marathon! Congrats to Steve and to you and the fam! It takes an entire family to cross the finish line of a full marathon!

  3. Congrats to your husband! I love how you all wore custom shirts and had signs to support him, but I can see where marathon training would be tough to fit into an airline schedule. Thankfully my husband probably won't be running any marathons... unless I did some major convincing haha. Thankfully he has a pretty fast metabolism and can fit into his 34" pants without too many workouts... I'm not sure that will be the case the older we get though. ;)

  4. Hey Joanna, I saw your comment about visiting Michigan... shoot me an email: {at} gmail

    I'll do my best to answer questions and maybe offer some suggestions. (:


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