My First Blog Award

Thank you Shea from Flying through Life on giving me my first blog award! 

The rules of this award are to say 3 random facts about yourself and then pass the award along to 5 other bloggers.

My 3 random facts:

1. Kids are drawn to me.  I don't know if it is my height or my manner, but often times kids come up to me and talk.  And when I pick up the kids at school, their classmates always come up to me and show me things and talk to me.  I am pretty sure I missed my calling as a teacher, but I do consider going back to school and becoming a teacher. 

2.  I was a lifeguard for a couple of summers when I was younger.  I rescued two kids during that time.  I also rescued a kid at the pool on our recent trip to Vegas.  It wasn't very dramatic or anything, but the little girl was in trouble and her mother was about 3 feet away.  Not passing judgement in the least, but the mom just didn't notice the girl struggling.  I always say that you can read the eyes...the eyes show if someone is in trouble....and her eyes were screaming!  The girl simply walked in too deep, and her little tip-toes weren't helping her.  I simply grabbed her by her armpit and pulled her up. She was fine.  The mom was confused. 

3. I have an extra bone in my foot.  I learned about said bone in college.  I was actually a pretty decent volleyball player, but within days into pre-season my junior year I sprained my ankle pretty badly.  After all the x-rays, and whatnot, the bone was discovered.  I always saw the bump in my foot, but I just thought everyone always had that.  I also have a tattoo right around my extra bone area.  I got the tattoo, a purple star, when I was a PCV.  We took a weekend trip to Prague and that is when I got it.  And that event is a story in and of itself!  This tattoo artist's name was Parzba.  I guess if you look hard enough you can see my extra is about 2 inches in front of my tattoo. 
They say tattoos are addictive, but I haven't gotten another one yet.  Steve and I talk about getting tattoos, something to represent the kids, and I am sure it will happen sooner or later.

Since this award was given to me by a fellow pilot wife, I am going to pass it along to other pilot wives that blog:


  1. Oh boy, the pressure is on to come up with something as good as yours. Thanks for passing on the award :)

  2. I have been really bad about keeping up with reading blogs lately, and I totally missed this! Thanks for the award... I'll be thinking of some random things to share. That's crazy you have an extra bone in your foot. I sprained my ankle playing volleyball too... but the doctor didn't discover any extra bones. Darn! ;)


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