The pilot wife never rests

Remember a couple of months ago when we had 20 yards of mulch delivered?
Well, the mulch pile is gone.  Actually, it has been gone for a while now.  But, what remains from this pile is a pain in my neck.  The pain is right where my neck meets my back, and it is the muscles on both sides of my spine.  Obviously, this pain is a result of laying all this mulch.

I like to think of myself as a healthy, capable person.  I have been an athlete from junior high school into college.  I know a thing or two about muscles and injuries and whatnot.  I know muscle strain happens, but I also know they go away.  Not this one...

I went to the MD 2 weeks ago, just to make sure everything was okay and it wasn't a disc issue.  Thankfully it is just muscle strain.  The MD told me to take Advil to take the inflammation out.  He also told me to rest.

Ha!  Rest?  Rest, as a pilot wife?  Rest, as a pilot wife with two little ones?  Not gonna happen.


At the airshow I was headed to the porta-potty, while Steve and the kids were at a table.  Ben told me he had to go to...and wanted to be held.  CC then starts crying for me too...and she wanted to be held.  I picked both kids up and walked to the porta-potty.  78 pounds isn't easy to carry, but it is easier than dealing with two crying kids.   What rest?


Steve usually cuts the grass.  Well, his last couple times home it has been raining.  Therefore, he can't cut the grass.  Rain has been in the forecast lately due to a cold front coming in and Steve is on a 4-day.  So, what does the good pilot wife do?  Cut the grass.  It really was long, and needed done.  2 days without rain means you gotta do what you gotta do.  We have a hill in the backyard, and the self propel is broken.  This all means it is a bit harder to push the mower.  What rest?


I have good day and bad days.  Of course the bad days happen when I overuse.  This is me at the end of a bad day...heating pad on my neck, snuggling with my body pillow...I even snuggle with my body pillow instead of Steve lately since it has been bothering me so much:

Steve keeps telling me I need to "take it easy."  Unless he takes FMLA for 4 weeks and never lets me pick up the kids, or do any hard work, these muscles will take their dear old time getting better.

Pilot wives, especially pilot wives that are mothers, dig really deep and find strength within us and always make it work.  Sometimes you have no choice but to make it work. 

Ok, maybe I am being a bit dramatic with this neck thing. I mean, it really does hurt, but I am still capable of doing things.  Sometimes my mind wonders about what would happen if I really was not capable due to an injury.  Steve really would have to take FMLA.  Let's stop thinking about that...

So, here is to us, pilot wives...keep staying the strong women we are!  Keep doing the great job we are doing.  And when your husband gets home from his trip, take some time to rest.  You deserve it!  Hear that honey?


  1. Hope you feel better soon! And your absolutely right,sometime you do what you have to (even when it stinks!).

  2. I hope you feel better! How right you are though... We never rest, especially with kids. Kudos to you and being the strong woman that you are!


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