randomness from Steve's last trip

Lots of little shit happened with Steve's last trip, so I figured I would just make a totally random post about the last 5 days.

** Steve is OCD about tire pins, or is it gear pins?  He came home from his last trip with a huge ass grease mark on the back of this uniform shirt.  I can't get the damn stain out...I will keep trying.  As he was preparing to leave for this last trip he was telling me all about how he got the stain.  Did you know that there are pins up in the landing gear?  Those pins are used to lock the landing gear when they are being worked on.  Right?  I think that is right.  For his walk arounds, he is OCD about making sure the pins are where they need to be.  Imagine taking off and not being able to pull in the landing gear because you forgot to make sure the pins weren't in.  Steve tries to avoid those situations, so he bends and maneuvers himself into that tight space to look at the pins...well, as he bent and then straightening himself into that area he scraped his back, and then yelled out "FUCK!"

** I got Steve a pair of Crocs for work. 

In short, I needed to use a store credit and these shoes were on sale.  They are water-proof, and he needs that now that winter is around the corner.  His other shoes are NOT waterproof, and doing a walk-around in snow slush in seeping shoes is no good.  He says they are "fine."  I want them to be "the best and most comfortable shoe I have ever worn...you are the best wife ever in the whole world to be so thoughtful and considerate of my comfort." 

I love crocs, and think they are really comfortable.  Steve thinks these shoes may look a bit orthopedic.  I think they are fine. 

** Steve did a 5-day to Hilo Hawaii, out of LAX.  Day 1 he met up with a college friend, who I will call A.  A has a Lotus. 
he is touching his hip to demonstate how low that car really is

Steve sent me this picture with a note that said "me like."  Steve is a car snob.  I am fine with that, since it is all in his head.  He has been dropping hints here and there about getting himself a little car like this...his latest obsession is a Porsche, used of course.  My response will continue to be "you can get it when you can pay for it in cash."

** We really didn't talk much at all this trip.  These trips to Hawaii make for a huge time difference, and there are two red-eyes in there.  On day 4, Steve arrived into LAX.  He slept off the red-eye for a good 6 hours, was awake for 2 1/2 hours, and then slept again to prepare for his next red-eye.  All these things don't make much room to talk.  I have to admit, my love tank is a bit empty, but he is home now so things will be just fine.  I am sure that many pilot wives have empty love tanks because of a trip. But, absence does make the heart grow fonder, and makes for time together that much more appreciated.

** He got in this morning.  They were in 45 minutes late.  You see, the plane was late getting into LAX, so they blocked out 20 minutes late.  But, they had to "really slow up" enroute because they were in "some pretty bumpy air." Apparently the jet stream is low right now and is making things bumpy.  SO glad I am not flying today.

"Why do you slow up when it is bumpy?"

"Why do you slow up when you drive over a bumpy road?"

"Ok, I get that.  That makes sense.  How bumpy was it?"

"Pretty bumpy.  You would have been uncomfortable"

"That sucks.  How long did it last?"

"2 hours" Steve said, calm as can be.

Oh, hell no!  If I were on that flight I would have needed to be sedated!

** we are in the middle of a mortgage refinance.  Paperwork came on Monday.  Steve hasn't been home yet to deal with it.  We will work on it tonight and mail it in.  Thankfully, this paperwork isn't time sensitive.  It is the pits to have Steve running to fax machines here and there to deal with time sensitive stuff.

** our front door is still being worked on:

J, our handyman, was waiting to finish up the project until our lights came in.  Well, I got the call that the lights were in.  The drive to get the lights is 30 minutes.  The store closed at 6p.  I needed to get the lights on Monday since the weather was going to work in our favor on Tuesday.  I texted our neighbor, and she had one of her boys come over to let the dogs out.  Right after I picked up the kids from school, we hiked across the hills and picked up the lights.  The kids dined on America's finest Happy Meals, and we got home about 6pm. 

** CC will wake up in the morning and say "Daddy working"  It is very bittersweet.  Reality is the world in which they are born, so the kids don't/won't know any different.  Right?  On the way to school one morning CC said "Daddy working.  Daddy airplane." 

"CC, Daddy is in Hawaii" I said.

She responded with "Ha-yi-yee" She is into repeating everything you say. Her language is exploding right now.

And then Ben chimed in with "no CC, Daddy isn't in Hawaii, he is in Mexico."  I corrected Ben, but he sure was persistent that Daddy was in Mexico.

I think it is pretty neat, if I do say so myself, that the kids are learning geography as such a young age. 


Totally random, but I have to add it because it is so darn cute. The other night we went to CiCi's pizza.  The kids played games after we eat, and when it was time to leave the restaurant CC, of course, wanted to stay and play games.  In the car she was just crying and whining.  So, I asked her a simple question.  I couldn't believe her response!  I didn't actually think she would respond!  Of course, I pulled out my phone to video tape it.  I am such a good mother.

A side note, we always say "piss off" instead of "pissed off."  You see, my grandfather would always say it this way, so we just sort of picked up on it and still say it this way. 


** So, that is pretty much my week in review, with total randomness. 


  1. Aww, the video is cute!

    Are those seriously Crocs, lol. I had no idea they made those. I wouldn't know from the picture without you telling us.

    Forgetting to take out the gear pins is a pretty serious thing, like career ending serious. No wonder Steve is so paranoid. Ugh, just call it a day and make it a winter shirt for under the blazer.


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