Steve's red-eye got in at 6:04a morning.

I wasn't sure if he would call me or not. Around 6:45a, he did call. I was in the bathroom ironing a shirt for work.

Me: hello?

Steve: hi. I am in.

Me: ok. How was your flight?

Steve. Good. How was your night?

Me: Good. The kids were good.
Then I started to tell him about the outside noise I heard the previous night.

Since I was in the middle of ironing I put the phone on speaker. As I was talking he wasn't really responding. Fine, nothing unusual. He isn't always the most talkative on the phone.

But, at one point I finally said "hello?" since I thought the connection may have been broken.

Steve: no, I am here. I am just out of it.

Folks, I wouldn't be surprised if he fell asleep on the phone. And I am saying that in all honesty.  I picture him nodding off with the phone up to his ear.

Those red-eyes can be rough, and I am sure that once Steve got into his hotel room all he could think about was sleep!  He may have called me when he was already in bed, and his brain was already shut down.

I simply replied with "that is fine, go to bed.  Call me when you wake up."

I am sure he fell asleep dreaming sweet dreams of...sleep.