And, you're married!

After a couple glasses of wine the other night, Steve opened up about his last trip.  You all know how he likes talking about work so much, so imagine my shock when he gave me so much detail. The trip took him to Hawaii, so that meant lots of time adjustment, lots of weird time in the air, and not much phone time with me.  I didn't have much detail about his doings when he was on the road, so I got some stories with the wine.  I will have to keep that stuff around more often. 

One night in LAX, I knew he and his CA went to the Powerhouse.  I think that is what it is called.  While there, they met up with another FO and CA.  They were on different equipment and had different bases, but since they work for the same company it made sense.

Apparently, the other FO was single and "looking to mingle."  After a couple IPAs I think beer goggles were on, and he started to show interest in a woman.  Let's call her Star.  They started talking, which meant that all the pilots started talking with Star's friends.  At one point, it was established that the four guys were pilots...keep that in mind.

So, at one point Steve went to introduce herself to one of Star's friends.  Let's call her Venus.  I am sure that Steve was just trying to be friendly, and put out his hand to shake hers.  As his hand went to meet hers, she noticed his wedding ring.  Her response? "'re married."

Steve told me that her tone in saying that was almost insulting.  I didn't know what he meant at first, but after a couple minutes and multiple tries, I finally nailed it:  "'re MARE-ried."  Did you get that?  Her tone implied that he shouldn't be hitting on her because Steve is married.

Talk about stereotyping pilots to the fullest!  It obviously annoyed Steve since he shared this story.  I do have to say, Venus surely needs to figure out this whole being hit on thing.  No, I won't even go that far...she needs to figure out what is normal social behavior.   Sure, I have been out of the dating scene for over a decade, but I am pretty sure that a handshake was never a come-on.

Since I was so wrapped up in trying to figure out Venus's tone, I don't recall what Steve's response was to her.  I am sure his interaction with her was probably short lived, and he went on to another conversation with someone else.  That is just too bad: too bad that Venus is so misinformed about what most pilots are like. Not to mention, she is going to take her interaction with Steve, and turn it into this whole story of "so the other night we were at a bar, and this married pilot hit on me" which will just perpetuate the stereotype.