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I watch the TLC show 19 Kids and Counting.  Don't laugh.  I an intrigued by them, and actually enjoy watching their family dynamic.  I have been following them since they first started with TLC.  If you didn't know, the last couple episodes focused on their trip to Europe and Israel. 

In preparation for this trip, Jim Bob got new underwear.  Do I really care about him getting new underwear?  No, not at all, as a matter of fact.  I like to keep my visual of a man in his underwear to be that of my marathon-running, weight-lifting, can-still-wear-a-34"-workpant, husband...not that of Jim Bob. 

But, the scene of Jim Bob at Costco buying his white briefs did inspire a blog post...

Why is it that people get new underwear for trips? I mean, if you need new underwear, get them!  Right?  If I need new underwear, I get them.  The same goes for Steve and Ben.  If they need them, I buy them.  I don't wait for a trip to buy new underwear.  Then again, I travel enough that packing for a trip isn't about buying new items before I is about opening my trusty TravelPro and adding my belongings.  I just need to make sure laundry is done. 

I do, however, recall getting new underwear before big trips when I was a kid.  I remember getting new underwear before I went to Disney when I was in the 8th grade. And I recall getting new underwear before I went to Poland for the first time, age 15.    God, I hope I wasn't wearing the same underwear from 8th grade until I was 15! 

I suppose that trips make for a good excuse to buy new underwear. However, I am going to fall back on the fact that underwear is sort of a necessity thing. I mean, when you need them you need them.  And if you only buy them once in a blue moon, that is kind of gross. 

This post is neither here nor there, really. Heck, this post isn't even related to being a pilot wife, other than the fact that my husband is the one flying Jim his new underwear. I am just making my thoughts known, since I am intrigued at this whole new underwear phenomenon.  Maybe the whole excitement of new travel doesn't hit me anymore, where I have to go out and get new everything to prepare.  Maybe it is just that I am an adult and I believe in getting things when I need them.  


  1. I also watch 19 kids & counting. My pilot makes fun of me but I am also intrigued by their family dynamic. Those kids are well behaved and they enjoy each others' company. How many kids they have is their business so I don't really understand all the critics!

  2. Totally agree...her body, their family, their business. The kids are SO well behaved!


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