with the bad comes the good

Around Christmas Steve had a crappy-ass schedule.  Actually, the entire month of December was really off.  He did his best at bidding a schedule to get everything he/we wanted off, but the scheduling program spit out a mish-mosh of crap.  All told, he ended up flying a lot that month.

Well, as the title of this blog states: with the bad comes the good. In this case, that means money.

Steve and I are really trying to focus our finances to get everything where we want.  Not only do we want to pay off debt and put our comfort level of money in savings, we also need to plan for some pretty decent house items like new windows and a kitchen "face lift." 

So, imagine both our joy when Steve looked at his mid-month paycheck and it was about $800 more than he budgeted for.  Nice!  Lots of flying in December means a nice paycheck in January. 

The interesting thing about crap situations, like his crap-ass December schedule, is that when things get back to normal you can easily forget how bad things were.  When Steve started back up with his normal schedule in January, I forgot how crappy things in December were.  And then this paycheck hits...and what a nice surprise, in a way.

The same thing about forgetting goes for commuting.  When Steve first started at his current airline he commuted for a good couple months. I think it was a couple of months.  Sure it sucked, but when he got based here and things went back to normal, I totally forgot how bad things were.  I am serious when I say I don't really remember much about that time.  I don't remember when it started, or when it ended.  I do, however, remember one moment around Christmas when I was shopping at Macy's. David Gray, Babylon, came over the radio and I had this horrible sinking feeling that I missed Steve so much.  That song takes me back to my Peace Corps days, which inevitability leads to the memories of how much I missed Steve.  I will probably always remember that moment at Macy's.

Hell, even natural childbirth is some of the worst pain I have ever felt.  Yet, the pain is forgotten so easily.  I think that God programs you to easily forget things that are so painful so that you can go on living, or so you have the courage to do it again.  Or maybe it is just me...

I don't talk much about money on this blog, especially our finances.  Please don't take this as bragging because it isn't at all.  It is just that I know we have all been here before.  There are months, think summer, that we hardly see our pilots and it sucks...and then a nice paycheck hits.  And somehow that makes things all better. So, with the bad comes the good!

PS, sorry for the lag in blogging.  We took a "staycation" last week, and I wasn't on the computer much.  We went to an indoor waterpark, visited family, went to the science center, and just pitzed around.  Every night was movie night, and we slept in every morning.  I don't recall ever taking a "staycation", and boy was it nice!
Of course CC is so intent on eating the ice cream sundae at the restaurant, while at the indoor waterpark, that she can't even take a break to smile for the camera!